In The Beginning

01 January 2014

I have some great news.  

My hair is longer than it's ever been. 

Just kidding, that's not my great news.  Albeit, that's still true.  And maybe deserving of congratulatory words, because long hair is somewhat like taking care of a pet that's attached to your head.

My real great news is..

Take June is officially becoming my writing space.  Thrilled, ya?

Because remember that one time last spring when I created Take June, and I was like "hey yo err' body, come over to this new blog I made."  So a ton of people did.  And then I privatized my old blog to invited-readers only and just kept writing there.  So it was kind of like a trick.  But it wasn't meant to be.  

So this blog just housed my articles that I would write when I'd get super passionate about a topic, like character, or body image, or willpower.  Because I learned that instead of spewing out all my theories and deep thoughts on dinner dates who would react as if I had really just puked on them, I could expound on them here to an audience that cared.  Citations included.  Whoa, so with it. 

So the reason I decided to make this place my permanent home is actually a really long and soul-moving story, and if you invite me to your house and give me some hot chocolate, I'd gladly tell you.  Or if you were a reader of my other blog, you already know.  Let's just say it is a whirlwind of a story.  Lots of traveling, running, and friend-making.  A blend of healing and thriving.  Though, the real masterpiece of the journey was quiet, internal, and spiritual.  A bit like a wedge - prying me open and creating a greater capacity in my innermost self.

Refined.  Is what I became.  Because that expansion within me became full of a greater light, His Light, and I was open to greater understanding and greater serenity.  Thus, I exuded a greater energy back into the world.

Though refinement isn't a continual incline of openness.  Inhaling good, Exhaling good.  Often it was suffocating for good, and too exhausted to exhale anything.  In the fall of last year, a short time hit when I wasn't inhaling or exhaling much of anything.  I was white-knuckled and choking.  

From nothing more than a whim, willpower, a whole lot of courage, I ended up on the other side of the world in just a few days time.  I went to the Philippines with a close buddy to organize and participate in relief work for Typhoon Yolanda, the greatest recorded typhoon to ever hit land, completely destroying the island of Leyte.  As my travels went on, the wedge opened more.  Pushing so deep and expanding so wide that the capacity inside of me was readyReady to receive a greater piece of God's voice, ready to receive a deeper message in full, ready for revelation that could only be received if I was at the right level.

And I did.  Everything became visible.  A swell of light and peace that left my cheeks stained wet.

So when I stepped back onto my homeland, I was conscious of a whole new realm.  And I don't mean the weather, or the stark re-sensitization to our high amount of wealth.  I mean a realm that came from inside of me.  It was a place of radiant peace and sublime understanding, more than I had never before known.  I've struggled to convey it, except to just a few.  

So that's why I'm here.  I lay my former writing space to rest, and I am beginning anew and moving forward from this openness within me, hopefully exuding a lightened energy back into the world. 

I did it.  I cracked the code.  And here it is in only four pieces - take my testimony as one who has lived it. 

1) God WILL try us to our absolute limit.  He will push us to the farmost edge.  Not only to see if we will maintain our faith, but because we must be refined to a deeper level to handle more divine understanding.

2) Darkness WILL come before the light is given.  And the greater the amount of understanding God intends for us to have, the greater the darkness.  

3)  When the darkness or trials come, we WILL cling, ready to hold firm through anything, no matter the intensity or harshness, and we will be okay.  Fear of pain hinders us in thinking we won't or we can't. but your soul is mightier than you think. 
4) When we cling to God, then He is bound to us, and after a period of time, He WILL fill us with an incomprehensible light and love. 

"Regardless of whether we feel strong or weak in our faith, we remember that our assurance is not based upon our ability to conjure up some special feeling.  Rather, it is built upon a confident assurance in the faithfulness of God. "  ― Richard J. Foster

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."

Here we go.  Upward and onward,

P.S. If you want access to my former blog, email me.  It really is a remarkable and downright honest journey.  And no doubt full of inspiration and hope if you are in need of that.

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  1. Hey, when do you want to come to my house for some hot chocolate?? ;)

  2. This is exactly what I needed to hear. You have perfect timing. Thank you!

  3. I am still waiting to hang out!! You should come to my place for New Years and I'll make ya hot chocolate, yo :)

  4. Amen. And welcome to the beginning of a new chapter in your life....a fresh start.

  5. Also, I love the layout. I know you just made a few changes from what it was, but I like it!!