A Personal Credence

29 January 2014

Once I read a book about a man.  His name I will forego because I want his identity to only be connected to his vulnerability as a human, not the authority of his role.

At 34, this man wrote a "Personal Creed" for himself, comprised of eleven ideals that he wanted to live by, independent of outlined religious or social standard, but what he felt were the most important virtues for himself.

I greatly admire those who think beyond a standard dictation.  Those who develop original convictions that are influenced by their own higher spiritual cadence within.  Those who have even just tapped in to their own spiritual cadence at all!  That is so respectable to me.  And what's even more commendable is that this man didn't just speak it, he lived it, evident by a quote about him.  It hung over my stove for two years:

His religion is not doctrine in cold storage. It is not theory. It means more to him than a beautiful plan to be admired. It is more than a philosophy of life. To one of his practical turn of mind, religion is the spirit in which a man lives, in which he does things, if it be only to say a kind word or give a cup of cold water. His religion must find expression in deeds. It must carry over into the details of daily life.

Here is my own Personal Credence.

  1. I will not let the opinions of man interfere with the directions and understanding given to me by God.
  2. I will keep myself aligned daily to God above, so that I may confidently know my thoughts and impulses are divine.
  3. I will work harder to show courage by speaking what I know and diffusing judgments and cynicism with my personal assurance.
  4. I will maintain my open-mind, never prodding people into doing what is right, but loving them in at whatever level they may be.  My only guidance will be my unspoken example, unless they seek my counsel.
  5. I will pay heed to the direction of my energy, always working upward and forward.  Not complaining about the old, but actively building the new.  Not ignitedly fighting against Satan, but calmly fighting for Christ.
  6. I will balance my desire to love and show compassion to every person, with a right to personally surround myself with only the most loyal and supportive.
  7. I will be the heroine of my life, not the victim.  I will stand, deal, and move forward.
  8. I will be close with the friendless and protective of the hopeless, placing myself as a light in unpopular and forgotten places.
  9. I will maintain my value on authenticity, avoiding the publicity of high positions, the pretension of knowledge, and discourage such thoughtless attainment without a character of sincerity.
  10. I will always keep my knowledge of Jesus Christ as the Savior as the strongest principle I know, always allowing His atoning power to balm and augment my life.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I love it! I also love how they are intertwined and even more, I love seeing that you are living these things! You are not what other people think you ought to be, because you are authentic and loyal to only yourself and to God.