A Regal Breath

10 January 2014

I sit on my bedroom floor, leaning against my dresser, staring out the window at the mountains doused in snow.  They are are so close and so immense that they fill up the entire frame of my window.  They are enormous, but gentle.  Powerful, but protective.

My eyes want to well up with tears - I can feel it - but I just blink repeatedly instead.  I love the mountains.  I sure do love mountain trail running, but more importantly, the mountains are deeply symbolic to me.  I feel so much rest in their protection.  And that links me straight to my deep rest in His protection (see here).  I am lucky to sit in their full presence in my bedroom, having access to their majesty at any time.

I take many breaths and just stare at them - Regal breathing is what I will call it, a new form of meditation that I just barely invented - And I am reminded of the New Year.

Don't you think New Years is like the star in Mario Cart?  A quick surge of power.  A brief blast forward.

At least in years passed it has felt that abrupt.  In college, New Years was a halfway mark of the school year, a quick breath before I plunged back into the depths of study.  And the two years after that weren't my cup of tea, so New Years was an exhausted, rasping gasp, as I crawled across the finish line of one year, only to begin another.

But this year...

I'm taking a loooong, deep breath.  Day 10, and I'm still inhaling.  Marinating in the most definite and pronounced New Beginning I've ever had (see here).  I feel so ripe, welcoming this giant entrance, clutching my certificate of Adulthood.  I feel more like a grown woman than I ever have.  Let's consider some quick factors:

  • Suit coats and heels.  Everyday.  Struttin.  Get in the action.  Feel the attraction.  Color my hair. Do what I dare.   
  • I drive home each day in my new car named Will-T.  The breakdown of his name: Willpower is how I earned him.  And because I know I will always be capable of providing and taking care of myself, my self-Trust is at an all-time high.  I feel so deeply satisfied with my myself and my man, Will-T.

  • Additionally, this week I researched and found my own insurance agent, breaking my last connection to my parents.  Everything is now in my name, my duty.  Gulp.  And let it be added that I was mighty proud of myself in finding this agent.  Good deal, good man.

  • On Sunday, I have an investment meeting to improve my securities portfolio.  Retirement is already a go, investment in a long-term car is now a go, next up... HOUSE.   Have I mentioned my lifelong goal to never put anything on credit?  Watch me.  (Also, this opens up a sneak peak to a venture I'd like to start this year.... finance classes).

  • Now fingers crossed and drum roll please... in just over a month's time, I will be a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

I'm not sure what says Professional Independent Woman more than all of that.  But January of this New Year is only anchoring my foundation.  I want to be more of a woman than just that.  I want to be a WOMAN in every sense of the word.

A woman that makes a man want to be more of a man.
A woman who opens her heart to a man.
A woman that makes women want to relish their sensitivity.
A woman that is generous in giving money, offering her hand, or opening her heart to every weary person.
A woman that inspires others to never fold or bend over, but come in clean-handed with dirt smeared all over their face and stains all over their clothes.
A woman who has earned her spot on the wall in God's kingdom.

But for now, I'm continuing to inhale.  Continuing to work hard and set the pace for my New Year, for my New Beginning.  Continuing to find solace and determination in the shadow of my mountains.

Continuing my Regal Breathing.  We'll see what comes, 

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  1. Oh my heck Chantel, you are so dynamite. Just unbelievably so. THANK YOU for sharing your achievements, and the type of woman you are aspiring to be. You are a huge inspiration, and as always.... your words fill me to the core. Giant virtual hug for you!!!!

  2. Regal indeed; that describes you well. Congratulations on all you accomplished last year! And here's to a new year of opportunities and dreams come true.

  3. For some reason, the woman quote reminds me of Sandra Bullock in the movie The Blind Side. You are on a great path, my friend!