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27 January 2014

Yesterday, I received a nomination that I am the "weirdest" person in the family, everyone else ranked successively beneath me.  The rankings came from the mouth of an 11-year-old who equates weird to fun, so I am the FUNNEST person in the family.  Mom validated, saying I am certainly the most free-spirited and so full of joy and life.

Thanks, baby bro. 

Yesterday was my friend's birthday so I prepared a very creative birthday dessert plate.  I approached him, while he was standing in a group of friends who are all hearing impaired (is that politically correct?) and handed him the goodies while signing:  Happy.  Birth.  Day.   I signed the literal sign for birth, which looks something like one hand being birthed beneath the other.  And using that sign seemed sensible until everyone started laughing.  Turns out I signed:  Happy Giving Birth.

Birth hands.

I spent yesterday splicing and editing music because I'm the "Ward Choreographer."  Then I leaped around my living room doing ho-down moves to my created mash-up, while Julie, Kersti, and Cici laughed and laughed at me.  Tonight is our first practice!

Beat baby.

I wore a little black dress and 3 inch heels today because it seemed like a really sexy idea until I had to walk a mile to my new office.  When I conducted a morning meeting to the team I oversee of 20+ people, I kicked off my heels and sat cross-legged at the head of the conference table.  They love me.  I'd have to agree that I'm really approachable and easy-going, seeing as how we ended this super professional meeting talking about the government someday injecting chips into the backs of our necks right after our umbilical chord is snipped.  Moving away from the topic of birthing.  Again.

Bare feet.

I had two meetings with Boss Man today.  One a year-end performance review, and the other was a check-in on an initiative project I'm heading.  To the former, he said I am his exemplary employee because of how I take leadership and excel beyond all others in the same role.  He is so impressed with the way I listen to feedback and execute, saying it's a "rare thing."  And I am one of the few people who never skirts around challenges, but I plow through them head on.  Sir, if you knew my personal life....  He said I am so easy to work with, and everyone loves me.  Well, gee... [blush].  To the latter meeting, I offered all my research and proposals, and he sat with his mouth dropped.  "You are literally the first person to launch out of the barrel on these new-year changes, and I am so impressed!"  Eeee, grin face!  I'm going to kill this proposal to the Managing Directors next Wednesday. 

Boost of confidence.

Off to a meeting with Boss Man II.

Upwards and onwards,

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