Alive with the Mountain Wind

06 January 2014

Saturday I put on a light sweatshirt and went for a run down the Bonneville shoreline trail.  Marathon training time!

Trail running gets me.  Absolutely fires me up inside.  A bit because street running lacks challenge for me.  If my muscles aren't burning, I need more.  But I think the appeal also arises because trail running is uncommon.  People have heard of it, and I hear some people attest to dappling with it.  But I've been trail running now for 8 months, and I've only witnessed a small handful of people on the mountainside with me.  I love the solitude, the elevation, the overlooking views, the challenging hills, the burn in my lungs, the fresh air - it all ignites me.

Additionally, I feel energy pulsing inside of me for this upcoming year, because I have given myself approval to race again.  Last year, I refrained from racing (Or tried to. Wasatch Back Ragnar may have slipped in), because I was intent on finishing my CPA license. 

Plus, I train best when I have a lot to occupy my mind.  Running opens my stage of free-flow thinking, which also occurs when I am just about to fall asleep at night.  But usually those thoughts are incoherent and mildly insane.  This is my 3rd time training for a marathon, and I'd like all that running time to continue decompressing my adventure to the Philippines, so I can finish writing about it.  Someday I'll release that.  :)

Later, I curled up on my bed, while the sun rose over the mountains behind me and lit up my room.  I wore a cozy sweatshirt that smelled of perfume from a prior date night, and I worked some more on my CPA.

This year is sweet and glorious so far,


  1. This post thrills me, I'm so happy to see that the year is treating you well so far. And trail running sounds like a dream. I will have to take your word for it for now, but please keep posting about it!

  2. What an amazing and exhilarating view! No wonder you love trail running. Happy training:-)