I'm With You

31 January 2014

I knocked quietly on the door, while opening it just a peak - "Can I join?" 

"Girl, get in here!  We're going to want an update!"  Winks all around.

I climbed onto Julie's bed with her, while Kersti and Anna sat on the other.  It was already past midnight, and my eyelids were so droopy that I had to prop one open with my finger.  But when Anna comes to stay the night, not even severe-work-week fatigue can overturn talking so freely by lamp light with these women.

Anna is something of a muse, because she can enter one's inner world in seconds and offer the most beautiful insight.  We chatted about all things hearty, and when the attention turned to me, I attempted to explain how I'm just not a plunger, not like a bathroom plunger, though I'm not one of those either.  I mean with the heart.  I refuse to plunge in with two feet.  As a matter of fact, I think an image of a pool party is a perfect depiction of varying dating behaviors.  Oh wait, let's just watch The Bachelor.  I'm the girl with arm floaties.

Then Anna said, "Chantel, ya know, you're really something.  Your life could have gone this direction... [picture singing trees and flowers blossoming from my hair].  But it didn't, and you have this incredible ability to understand people.  Really understand them, from whatever place they are coming from.  And that won't ever go away.  Not many people have that gift.  But you can say 'I've been there!  And I can tell you not just what I think, but what I know.'  You are going to be this incredible spiritual inspiration."

"She already is!"  chimed Julie.

And my whole body got all goosebumpy.  I felt incredibly reconnected to My Center - this giant glowing ball of compassion, which is exactly what God and I decided is my Life PurposeConsciousness to the wholeness of other people.  Not promoting this standard of happy, perfect robots.  But adoring and encouraging the entirety of another, whatever is happening on their insides that is making them a human that day.  Whatever demons haunt them.  Genuine and unconditional understanding.  And I do have an ability to say, "You can tell me.  Because I can go there with you."  Giving ONE person my undivided and full support for as long as they need me in their life.  Compassion.

And I admittedly had lost sight of that, because I'm too busy winning ugly face SnapChat contests.  Which are important.  Sort-of.  So, Satan may keep this world at bay with media distraction and thoughtless interaction.  But not me.  Get me to that deep end.  Maybe I have floaties on my heart, but when someone needs me to plunge, I'll be there.

My heart is very open today.

Thinking of Kersti saying "Bow-chicka-wow-wow" when Anna took off her shirt.  A prego lady, three flatter-chested women, and 2 am.  Laughing ourselves to sleep and then eating homemade sweet pork salads for breakfast the next morning.

Bedhead perfection,

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  1. And I can sense all those traits just from our virtual interactions.