Double Dream Hands

07 January 2014

On Sunday, I was approached by Bishopric Counselor Man and asked if I would like to be the Ward Choreographer.

Cue choking on my water.  Ha!  The what?  

"Ward Choreographer."

My response:

He explained, "We have a stake event coming up, and we need a choreographer.  I've heard from a few that you like to dance."

Do I like to DANCE? .....
He was super pleased with my enthusiasm at his request, so he led me over to the young woman in charge of the event, so she could offer me more information.  She said the theme of this event is "Dance Crew" and last year our ward did a Grease rendition.

Well, we need to get our ward much more hyped up for this year because it's going down!

Getting my grooves together to start practice next month!  Ain't no one gonna wanna miss this.


And you'll be seeing the other wards out there:

Dancing the night away,

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  1. dying.laughing. want to watch these .gifs all day.

  2. Now that sounds like a dream calling for you. You are going to have so much fun!!!