Determination Seals Destiny

04 January 2014

She came.
She saw.
She conquered.

Is what my tombstone will say.

I'm completely steering the wheel this year.  Walking passed every boundary without even an acknowledgement.  Excuse me fate, you're free to take the year off.  I've got this.  I ain't no Dorothy in a cotton dress and shiny shoes, linked arm-in-arm with a courageless lion and heartless tin man.  Or the last kid to get picked for dodgeball because he's just waiting and waiting for life to hand him a "your-turn-to-play" card.

I'm ready to play.  And I'm not aiming low.

On New Years Eve, I entered the office of my new boss, sat down across from him, and said, "I've thought of a position that could really help our department, and I'd like to be the one that carries it out."  He listened to my proposal and my analysis.  Then he told me that many people are activity-oriented, but not results-oriented - being "busy" but not yielding much purpose.  But he said he trusted I will be results-oriented, and I can create a lot of value from this new position.  Then we came up with a plan of action together.

Ha, I just INVENTED a job, and then GOT the job!  Which means a laptop and working in whichever city I choose for that day.

The next day, after hours of research, comparing the market, inspecting like a pro, checking comparative values, I negotiated a slamming year-end deal on a fierce car!  My first car buying experience all on my own!

Then I sat down on my bedroom floor and made a personal plan of action for the year.  No plans will be revealed at this time, but 2014 is about to became My Year.  Last year was the year to ask the questions, and this year will be the one that answers

"Realizing I deserved better changed everything." 

Upward and onward,

Six Word Story #82 

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  1. Yes!!! You do deserve better! I'm glad it's being realized and acted upon and way to go scoring a new job!!

  2. Wow good for you. Way to go after what you want. I want to hear more!!

  3. "Realizing I deserved better changed everything." I needed this tonight in a big way. Also, sorrynotsorry for binge commenting on your blog. I needed to catch up!