Strengths to the Core

11 January 2014

I shuffled my bed pillows around to create back support, and plopped down with a bag of almonds and M&M's, and a book Mace gave me after our trip to the Philippines.  I'd already devoted three hours to study on a Saturday morning, plus a mounting head cold, so I was ready for a little break.

Though Leslie (my best friend) offering to bring me orange juice & cookies, and
Brice (friend since I was 9) texting me about our dance adventures from last night
 made me feel a lot better.

I picked up the book that Mace had formerly snuck into our shared travel bag.  Uncovered on my comforter were a couple pieces of rice.  Perfect.  Because Mace and I spent a good deal of time discussing this book while we were in the Philippines, so it is appropriate that bits of rice from the Philippines come with it.

The book is called Strengths Finder 2.0, designed to reveal one's top 5 strengths.  I logged into the
simulation and took the strengths assessment test, soothing myself with almonds and M&M's.

Because personality conclusive tests always make me panic, especially these one-shot dealios.  And it doesn't help that my bedtime reading right now is Divergent, so I don't want my test results to read, "wth, you're a monster!"  Though, that would mean the test would have to have a question like, "Do you eat people?"  And I would have to be so panicked that I'd answer, "yes."

Well, turns out I'm not a monster.

Actually, my results were spot on to every core part of me!

Mace and I discussed his results in a sidecar of a trike, speeding down the dirt roads of Marinduque in a storm, while I tried to hold down food poisoning vomit.  Isn't that memorable?  So I texted him and asked if we could discuss my results, probably on just a couch in nothing more than a living room.  But if we stood on our heads the whole time, then that would gain memorable points.

Also, this picture is memorable.  And irrelevant.

Anyway, below are my results.  Every point encompasses me so completely, so if you really want to know me, read on:

1)  Positivity -

  • By nature, you welcome others as they are. You strive to create a pleasant environment where all individuals feel comfortable.  
  • Finding the good in people is quite satisfying to you. It’s very likely that you enjoy discovering as much as you can about the people you meet.
  • You are friendly and enjoy socializing. You quickly put at ease those you are meeting for the first time or the tenth time.  
  • Being appreciated is important to you. You work hard to create a climate of mutual respect and support. Knowing others recognize your finest characteristics, contributions, and talents gives you pleasure.

2)  Achiever

  • You are quite clever about many things. You typically outmaneuver or outthink most individuals. Why? You probably are a lot more persistent, unyielding, and energetic than they are. 
  • You expend more physical or mental energy doing your job or pursuing your studies than some of your peers do. 
  • You are determined to share your knowledge and skills with people you coach, mentor, or train. 
  • The more organized you are, the more favorable you feel about yourself and life in general.
  • You need to make measurable progress toward one or two goals each day to feel successful as a human being.

3)  Learner -

  • You gravitate to people who converse about ideas at a deeper and more thoughtful level than most individuals are capable of doing. “Making small talk” — that is, engaging in idle conversation — probably seems like a waste of time to you. 
  • When you meet people who value education as much as you do, you are eager to hear about their personal or professional ambitions, intentions, or goals. 
  • You prefer to register for rigorous courses of study rather than take easy classes. This often satisfies your need to do things that do not come naturally. You trust you can endure the unpleasantness and difficulties that accompany the expansion of your knowledge base, the acquisition of skills, and the conquest of deficiencies. 
  • Instinctively, you likely are an individual performer.

4)  Relator

  • Chances are good that you have close companions who frequently seek your guidance. You help them find answers to their personal and professional problems. This makes you a valuable friend. 
  • You are naturally open and honest about who you are, what you have done, what you can do, and what you cannot do. You reveal your strengths and limitations. You are forthright and plainspoken. 
  • People generally seek your company and want to work with you. Many are impelled to move into action by your words and examples. You have an easy time bonding with people who are open and honest about their goals. 
  • You are comfortable offering suggestions to people who regularly seek your counsel.  These individuals usually feel deep affection for you. You are likely to spend time together socializing as well as working or studying.

5)  Empathy

  • You regularly reflect on how you felt about your experiences as they occurred. Your emotional awareness sharpens your thinking. You are doubly blessed: You think with your head and feel with your heart. Chances are good that you are a person who feels things very deeply. 
  • You probably hope individuals grasp what you think, feel, need, dream, and desire. 
  • You spontaneously sense a person’s need to hear kind, encouraging, or supportive words. You enjoy celebrating the contributions, strengths, discoveries, or victories of individuals. 
  • Your awareness of what is and is not said prompts people to come to you. They probably have a story to tell. Frequently they need to vent their frustrations. 
  • You honor the natural desire of human beings to be heard without interruption. 
  • You experience a feeling of exhilaration each time you brighten someone’s day. 
  • Your buoyant and cheerful demeanor — that is, outward behavior — usually enhances your own as well as others’ quality of life.

Now I'd really like to know about YOU!  Want to come stand on your head with me and talk about personalities?

Blissfully sniffly,


  1. Wow that does sound like you. That test was spot on.

  2. I love this book!! We took the test a couple years ago at work and I feel like it nailed me. Actually, I got slightly mocked because I was the full-time writer at the agency and "Communicator" didn't make my top five. Ha. But we have some of the same ones! Mine: empathy, positivity, includer, developer, and adaptability.