An Adieu Off to March

26 February 2014

Flowers for you, as I bid my adieu.

I don't know how to say "I tried."  I only know how to say, "I did."
Under the burden of heavy pursuits and heavier expectations.
Pull inward and make God your strongest companion.
When the weight becomes daunting and endless.
Arms that reach out to support, allow them in.
Be still and remember what's within.
Always repeat: I can and I will.

Other than my small list of personal New Years Resolutions I wrote on a piece of paper by my bedside one January evening, I decided my bigger year's resolutions would come month-by-month.  My success rate has been remarkable.

January was my month for new beginnings.  Which I magnified with intense job ambition, a new car, and hiring some agent people.  And any other adult pursuit that could someday be the cause of gray hair.

February was my month for creativity.  Which I magnified with a lot of dance choreography and writing every day.   And any other activity that made me feel artistic and free-spirited.  I have ended the month feeling sufficiently reflective and socially intoxicated.

March is my month for dedication.  Some of my dreams can only be achieved with intense dedication.  Mental focus.  Heavy training.  And lots of rest.  And with goals that require such stamina, I am choosing to refrain from this little space for the month.


April is my birthday month!  And believe me, I will have cause for celebration alongside an additional year of existing!  Like burning abs and a burning abacus!  And all merriments that burn smile creases into our faces.  So you can look forward to my resumed presence then.

Though, if you are ever thinking about me because you miss me oh-so-much, please send me an email!  Or drive to my house and give me a hug.  I'll be needing the support.  Endurance is a tough and lonely road.  But you know my determination - it never runs dry.

To close this eve with incredible news, I just sold my old car tonight!  ALL BY MYSELF!  Up top business girl! 

Upward and onward,

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  1. Good luck!! I admire your commitment and dedication!

  2. Love you lady. Good luck with this months goal, you are a rock star.

  3. I love you. You seriously inspire me.

  4. I didn't realize you had a blog?!! Good for you!! I'm enjoying all the reading!! I too have a blog that I started a few months ago!!:)