Boon to Mortals Given

16 February 2014

Today I only shaved half my legs.

Not like, half of my FULL leg, no only half of the modestly visible portion of my leg.  Soooo, half my calf.  Because I was thinking that it would be efficient to only shave a little bit beyond the bottom of my skirt.  Not thinking about what happens when I sit down at church, my skirt comes up above my knees, and a handsome man comes to sit by me.  But, what can you do at that point.

Instead, we laughed about french accents.  Because I couldn't tell if the speaker had an accent or I was just really terrible at understanding English suddenly.  He whispered to me that her accent was very subtle, like an aftertaste.  And then, because I'm in a half deaf ward, as we sang a congregational hymn, I pointed to the word, "boon," wondering out loud if the signing deaf man would know the word, because in English I sure didn't.  So we both looked up from our hymn book and waited for the lyrics to catch up to our curiousity.  The signer's face contorted, he panicked, and then quickly spelled it out..  Nope, guess not.

And no more singing happened for the rest of the song because our hands were pinching our laughing cheeks so hard.  The song ended, and I placed the book on my fuzzy knees.  We can go ahead and keep those hidden.

Then on an orange sticky note, I made some spiritual goals for myself this week.  I think I need to come to church a little more attuned to the Spirit.

And also, I need to buy more razors.

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  1. Shaving my legs is my least favorite pastime. I definitely map out how much of my legs need to be shaved based on what skirt I decide to wear.

  2. I love this post. It reminded me of my best friend who I miss dearly. So thank you for your awesome words and great way of describing something so mundane :)