My Mountain-Top Bird

25 February 2014

Work was horrible today.  So I'm digging into positive things to feel better.

I found this little gem on my girlfriend's blog today, hidden in her post of our Ragnar adventure last summer.  Also, as it turns out, Ragnar tattoos are not the easily removable kind like found in cracker-jack boxes.  As a matter of fact, they are actually the kind you have to remove with boiling water and a chisel.  BUT NO ONE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE I PUT IT ON MY FACE.

I'm not sure if her comments about me or the video I watched earlier of some old high school Calculus teacher going to the hospital every day to rock sick babies (see here) made my eyes water more.

I guess I needed a little hug today.  And I'll take Jo's virtual one.  Thank you.

AND let it not go unspoken that my foot injury has bid its farewell.  As after last night's run, I have no residual pain.  So, I ring in the celebration by doing a three-a-day today.  What?  Yep, morning Jillian Michaels, afternoon mountain sprint, and a late evening run.

And also because, dance practice is over.  For now...

And also because an old adage taught me: when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Leslie calls it my tenacity.  I call it - giving life the bird.

So off I go to the top of the Y.  I'll offer my bird from the highest point in town.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I need to flip something off, out of defiance, even if it's just a random tree or something. Except I like trees. Just saying that I feel ya. Go get 'em!