Only Where You Are Now

13 February 2014

Honest now.

Are most people multiple layers deep?  Layers that add on from life experience?  Life experience derived from one storm to many?  Do the under layers callous to shield the top?  Do layered people generally prefer others of the sort because they can reach more to the bottom?

I hold the answers for myself, but I wonder what others would say.

A Greg Laswell song cut through all my layers today.  A day that started on Jessica's couch because a rush meeting pushed me to remain away from home last night, then a morning full of important meetings, and a quick escape back to my other job responsibilities in a whole different town, with added time constraint because of dance show preparation.  I'm heavily demanded right now.  It's adventurous, but slightly exhausting.  I need my foot - still healing from an injury.

But through it all, I keep my layers perfectly stacked.  Organized and pristine, just like the rest of me.  And people don't get through my layers - there is no reason to - except for a few who have walked my same road:  Greg Laswell and Kee, my 50-something Native American co-worker.

So I'm sitting at my desk, engrossed in a song by Greg (listen here), staring at the above picture and feeling all of what I will never say, when Kee walks by my office.  I have red zombie eyes from sleeping in my make-up, but also slightly tear-stained.  Greg started it.  But Kee knows why.

A big hug, and nothing more needs to be said.

Close up the layers.

Off to dance rehearsal,


  1. ;)

  2. Totally relate to your description of layers. It often seems easier to keep them organized and stacked and in perfect control than to let others in to see the depth of feeling in the layers underneath. What a blessing to have a friend who understood and responded with compassion without needing to have it all explained...a tender mercy.