Sunday Free-Write

02 February 2014

Well, I'm all caught up on my personal journal.  DO YOU KNOW HOW AMAZING THAT FEELS?  Obviously since I'm yelling about it, it feels REALLY amazing.

Speaking of obvious things - "because of the SuperBowl, obviously break-the-fast is canceled," said Bishopric Counselor Man.  Obviously?  There is nothing obvious about that to me.  Just because the SuperBowl is happening doesn't mean I stop needing people to feed me.

But Kersti, Julie, Cici and I can take care of ourselves.  Today the bread came out that Cici claims cures everything.  Every time one of us is feeling under-the-weather, she pulls out this loaf of bread.  Cramps?  Eat some bread.  Headache?  Eat some bread.  Men?  Eat some bread.  "The bread that cures menstrual cycles, diarrhea, and pregnancy!"  To which the rest of us replied, "ABORTION BREAD??"  And then we made Julie hug it because she was sad.

Then, we went downstairs to watch Cool Runnings, which is the only movie I can quote, so I quoted the entire thing before it even started.  And then the journaling came out.  I was surrounded by hundreds of notecards of inside jokes that Mace gave me after our trip to the Philippines that all needed to be taped down to my little notebook that is sadly stained with carrot juice from my Mexico trip last summer.  Did you know that carrots melt if you leave them in a hot van over an entire weekend?  Yeeeeah, I sure didn't.  So now my journal is forever a reminder.

Also, speaking of leaving things in cars - while driving to church today, I wanted some gentle music to escort me.  I couldn't remember if I inserted Jack Johnson, because he and I usually drive to work together, so I hit the eject button and out popped a CD.  Hallelujah Jack!  But turns out that after owning my car for an entire month, I'm just now finding this CD from the prior owner.  It was 2pac.  Couldn't think of a better Sunday jam!  I think I knew someone that had an uncle that knew someone who had three arms who listened to 2pac.  I think.

Speaking of three arms, my buddy Kee found his match on Tinder and sent me a picture this morning.  She was a very wonderful-looking woman, so I gave a thumbs up.  Then he sent me her very next picture.  Her butt.  To which he said, "Well I guess if I start with one end, I should end with the other.  But what I really want to know is who took that picture... Her 13 year old daughter?  Her home teacher?"  So I gave a thumbs down.

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  1. seriously loving your randomness and "speaking of"-ness. Thanks for the laugh today!!! Love ya lady!