My fire beats real fire

26 March 2014

Yesterday my work lit on fire.

Everyone nonchalantly exited the building with their cell phone and hands in their pockets.  And I came bumbling out of the building lugging as much as my arms could carry.  It was ridiculous really.  But to hell with the fire that melts my belongings that could be easily replaced...

So everyone at the studio stood outside for a couple hours while an entire fleet of police cars and fire trucks came rushing from all corners of the universe.  We could hear them coming in every direction until packs of them blocked off our entire campus.  I mean I didn't actually see the fire, but my buddy said it was a couple flames on the far side of the roof.  But hey, I won't be the one to judge that 200 fire trucks and police cars was not absolutely necessary.

My buddies and I felt that our only responsibility was to sneak down to the scene of excitement and take a selfie.  But something of common sense held us back from going up to a fireman and saying, "Hey, you look kind of busy, but could I get a picture with you really quick?"  So instead I went back to the balcony of an adjacent building with all my girlfriends, and we watched with packs of trail mix and cookies.  Firemen sure deliver a good show.

And now, what good would this post be without a life comparison?  I've felt that my life has been on fire lately.  Though I did declare from the start that this was the month of March Madness so it was to be expected.  But the final stretch of any ultimate endeavors always seem to bear the hottest flame. 

I've pulled inward a lot in just the last 2 days, switching from Miss-Social-With-All-the-Friends-and-Dates  to  I-Want-to-Rip-50%-of-People's-Faces-Off.  I've had to redirect a lot of social engagements to future hours because my body is too exhausted, and my mind is too jam-packed that if I turn my head too fast, something will fall out.  The worst example of such is when I replied to a gentleman's inquiry for a date, saying maybe we could meet up in two months.  The next morning I woke up feeling a bit more rational and laughed my head off about that one.  "How does July 15th look on your calendar?"  Ha, sorry Sir.

But I did find this picture on the wall at work the other day.

I'm still deciding if it makes me feel more horrified and fatigued.  Or more determined and powerful. Or just makes me want to belt-sing some Journey...   Let's go with the last two for good energy's sake. 

If someone could send a convoy of firemen my way for the next two weeks, that might help. 

One step, two steps, three steps... To hell with this fire.  I got this.

Upward and onward,

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  1. hahaha I really hope that you actually told a guy that you would rather meet up in a couple of months :)

  2. Crazy, crazy!!! Did you ever find out the details about the fire??