A week around the town

28 April 2014

Library visit - renewed with new morning and bedtime reading  ||  Driving up the Provo canyon - feeling a strong humanitarian surge

Back in the day - best friend Becky and I as freshmen  ||  Visit with Becky and family last week.  Boy #2, Spencer, resembles my last serious boyfriend, ha!  Cuties.

Work elevator signs - love this message!  ||  Childhood best friend Audrey visits my beautiful mama with her sweet little newborn, Tenley.

Drive with junior high friend Becky up the Uintas canyon.  Amazing conversation!  But the weather was not this nice - stock photos win.

Destination - to visit our other friend, Joelle and family.  Evening scripture study.  Becky and Dallin snuggled on the couch to the left.
 Reading snuggles with myself.  Bedtime reading after Julie and I watched Step Up. ||  Then got a text to continue our midnight scary movie series with Becky, Preston, and Mace.  Some of my favorite memories are late nights with these folk.

 Sunday morning out my window.  ||  A little pow-wow with God so I could open the gates for some specific Higher Thought this week.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I don't know what it is about nice summery weather, but it totally makes me want to read all the time. Your trip to the library has inspired me! Also your mom is DARLING, and your total carbon copy! So cute!