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17 April 2014


Has my writing sabbatical been helping my focus?  A little.  Lots of two-a-day workouts and strained muscles.  Add in some brain strain as well, as I grasp onto my higher-than-high ambitions.

But... what popularity pill have I been popping?  I don't know, but it's working, as I come speeding in the house, run up the stairs to tassle my hair and change my shoes, and run back downstairs and out the door for the next event, as Kersti says, "Yep. That's our Chantel.  Always out on a new adventure!"

Tonight I went to Brother Pendleton's house for FHE with Kersti - the man who seems to be a cartoon character broken free in the real world.  He spoke about his wife being chronically ill, so he works two jobs to support their seven kids, pays the bills, and runs the entire household.  So the lesson was about obedience and how finding time to devote to God will pave a greater path for you.  He carved time out for the temple every week and for family history at 4 am on Sunday morning, and his life has miraculously become doable and then some.


Well, here's my life:

I just finished making up a dance in my bedroom for one hour until my Strong Bad T-shirt was soaked in sweat (and I didn't even bother changing before I headed over to his house with one half of my ward).  But oh the insight I received.

I have been socially effective lately, as I spent the entire week on the back of Julie's new bullet bike with some guys, and then I spent the weekend bouncing from one friend's home to another - only coming home to sleep, or that 20 minute window I had to hobble into my house, shower, and jet out on a date.

Leslie > Nora, Kami, Amy, and Hilary > sleep

Victoria & Missy > run 11 miles to Leslie's, mini road trip > 20 minutes to shower > out to go dancing with Dave.

Off to church > Katie and Mirielle for the rest of the day > home to a hearty conversation with Julie and Cici.

God bless all the dear friends in my life.  I am surrounded by love.

But while my extroversion has been joyfully leading the way, I know God has been waiting for me to look up for a bit longer.  No more of this, "Hey God, great day!  You good up there too?  Bless giraffes and their long necks zzzzzzzzz."

So, here it is, all to you Brother Pendleton:  9:30 pm every day.  My door closes, electronics shut down, and God and I will convene for 30 minutes where I am fully His, and He is fully mine. 

Upward and onward,


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