Honesty Box - Beauty is not always framed

11 April 2014

So here's something for ya. Which has only been formerly discussed when Leslie and I would lay in the hallway of our small apartment and giggle ourselves to sleep. 

I think fashion and makeup blogs are the dumbest thing in the world.

My thoughts on the matter have gone from a "Teehee, they're so stupid" to a "No seriously, why is this a thing?"  Because so many little internet thought spots have become convoluted with pictures and pictures of outfits.  Am I the last person who doesn't stop by my neighbor's fence in the morning to document what I'm wearing?  And where are all these red-lipsticked wives finding husbandry who are willing to do this daily anyway?   I barely come across men who put forth the effort to CALL for a date, let alone assist me in an online clothes diary.  Plus, I bet these women secretly hate that they can no longer where the same outfits multiple days in a row.

But really now, I totally get people have "passions," and I'd never squash what someone truly loves and lives for, but.... is this really fulfilling people's existence day after day?  I think this is just what happens when you let your personal space become commercialized.

All in all, I miss candid thought.  But waves and waves of women have decided their H&M $15 shirt is far more stimulating.

Isn't that a bit self-insulting?

Here's to not turning ourselves into a business.

Upward and onward,


  1. 2 things. 1) I miss our hallway that really was one meter square, yet we both laid in it. 2) I love your honesty box because it goes right along with your post from yesterday. I'm glad you are being yourself and saying your thoughts and feelings!

    Now that I've said my two things, I need post my picture of the shoes I wore today. But I'll change the lighting, so people won't know I wore them yesterday too..

  2. For real!!!! And I even used to read someone's fashion blog. I looked at it again about a month ago for the first time in a very long time and wow. It just seems so shallow!! Is that really what is so important? Our clothes??? And making sure they are "better" than Bettie's next door AND good priced. And the girl in thinking of is early early 20's and her husband takes all her pics. And there are a few a day. And she has a HUGE following. And sponsors. And giveaways and I'm almost positive she lives off this blog where she is portraying herself as her clothing. She has turned into an object. Well, several actually. A scarf and bracelets and skirt. But who is SHE? I don't know.

  3. Hahaha,
    I've thought of the husband thing, too. I've always wondered.

  4. hahahaha this is so true. I can't stand to look at someone's post that has 20 outfits of the same outfit from different angles. I would much rather wear the same outfit three days in a row than spend an hour looking cute everyday.....too much work. There is so much more to do in life!

  5. a-FREAKING-men!
    Although sometimes I go to hair blogs for ideas that I never use. In my defense, I'm wearing today, the exact same thing I wore yesterday.
    Also, what is an honesty box? I want one.

  6. Oh my word I LOVE this so much!!!! This is one of the reasons I love your blog as much as I do. In a world that is already so convoluted by social media, and selfishness, and just so much STUFF... I truly value finding people who share their candid thoughts and their lives and their experiences, even if it's online. As humans, we desperately need that! We don't need to fill our minds with more fluff like fashion blogs and "I wore this" and "me me me". We need realness, and connection. Meaty stuff that matters and builds up others. All I can say in regards to your post is AMEN AMEN AMEN! And thank you for contributing so much Chantel :) The world needs more people like you!

  7. I meant to add this disclaimer.... I totally love following the Beauty Department's blog ha! For some reason I have this huge love affair with nice makeup and hygiene products. Even if I can only read about them!

  8. Thank you for writing this. I needed to hear it. I decided to start following a fashion blog moments ago to realize in a matter of minutes I devalued myself and everything I have. I cannot believe the neagtive thoughts that flowed into my head about myself. I like that you write about things of more value then clothes and make-up. It's refreshing. I don't have to feel bad Im most comfortble in jeans and a t-shirt, or that I buy my makeup from the drug store, that my kids clothes are handme downs, and my furniture is as mismatched as the display in DI. I must stay far from fashion blogs and beauty blogs or I tend to feel I have no value.

  9. And my husband gets super annoyed if I take too many pictures. Of anything. :)