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08 April 2014

Well... I made it.

All hell of my March Madness ended on Saturday evening!  But I didn't run here to tell you, because I haven't been able to move my body since then so you could understand how using a computer was near impossible.  So, I'll tell you what I DID do.

First, Julie and I lit some fireworks with a couple of our buddies to celebrate, after inhaling a mound of Cafe Rio.  Could you any sort of celebration start without Rio?  Anyway, we didn't realize the neighbor kids were having a sleepover with 300 of their friends, until we started our explosions in the street and all these little heads shot up out of their sleeping bags with big frightened eyes.  But kids need a good wake-up call sometimes.

Then, I broke into a hot tub on Sunday evening with Mace and Julie.  And if I'm being totally honest, breaking into things is sort of my forte.  Except, I learned climbing 9 foot high metal gates when every muscle in my body is on suicide watch is a real challenge.  But then we got caught, which was the best thing that could have happened because the sir opened the gate and we could walk out.

So basically what we are learning here is that after a complete month of responsibility, I retaliate with riotous, early 20's behavior.  Though at one point this weekend, I did grab a fresh rag and had a long overdue cleaning session for upwards of two hours.  Even the tops of the bathroom baseboards got a close-up of my beaming face.  And what 20 year-old would do that?

Anyway, I said I was going hard for the month of March, and I stayed true to that promise. 

And note I never revealed my goals in the beginning.  I think there is no difference between the mind of a master and the mind of a lunatic.  The difference is only at which end you are seeing them.  At the starting line, a lunatic.  But at the finish line, a master.  Both of grand intelligent and determined devise.  But one of achievement.  So I kept my lips sealed and just got to work.  Fresh goals always start off with such bright eyes.  But the final steps are grueling.  And demons come to haunt when one is so weary from reaching and reaching and reeeeeacching.  And turns out that ignoring what haunts you only makes it come closer.  Like children.  Until they are right up in your face and poking you in the eye.

Just ask Mace, when I ended up at his place, laying on his bedroom floor strumming the ukelele.  Then I pranced around wearing his baseball cap, holding everything I could find that was made of chocolate, and hugging his friends that I've never even met before.  Fatigued.  Scared.  And avoiding the turnaround to look my demons in the eye.  Then I sat down on Mace's bed and we had a real heart-to-heart.  I openly admitted my severe exhaustion, and the presence of shadows haunting me.  But I resolved to just keep trudging forward, knowing my March Madness would be over soon.  I was touched by such a true friend that was willing to hold any piece of my unspoken hurts until I could crawl across that finish line. 

Well crawl I did not.  But achieve I did.  One big shiny bow.  I did it!  This mighty amount of pride has been spread in a big grin all weekend.  I feel absolutely incredible.  I wish I could capture this feeling in a little bottle because it's one of rarity but it's so purely intoxicating.  A blend of being so proud of myself and so satisfied and so relieved and just so dang happy.   Ready for this?

I am trained to the absolute furthest I have ever been.  Every muscle in my body took a turn in absolute soreness, I used up tubes of Icy Hot, and sometimes my body ached so bad that I couldn't sleep at night.  I couldn't walk.  I couldn't stop eating.  I cried from pushing myself so fast and so far.  And I bled from blisters and rashes.  And... we'll stop there.  But dang, I got some solid legs on me!

Bigger than that, after 19 months, I finished my CPA.  That BOAR of a test!!  Rumor has it that it's harder than most tests in existence, particularly the bar, and I'm going to believe that rumor.   I studied like you wouldn't believe.  And I totally sailed out of that thing!  And I am so confident in my knowledge that I have to squish my inflated head through every doorway.  I got some brains in me!

And now, I begin racing this Saturday!  And I'm also ready for some mighty big leaps in my professional career.  I am already in a position where everything I touch turns to gold, and now I have the license that qualifies me for some big gigs.

So there ya have it.  BLISS.

Now, remind me what normal people do in their downtime..  Hours and hours of Shark Tank?  Oh sure.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Wow! You rock!!! Keep at it Girl!!

  2. Ahhhhh! I'm bursting with excitement for you Chantel! YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Seriously can't even handle how awesome all of this is. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! On...all of this! haha you're inspring!