The DNA of Courage

25 April 2014

This week for my morning devotionals, which is sort-of doubling as my inhale-breakfast-cram, I have been studying the profiles of renowned innovators, like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Larry Page (Google) in a book called The Innovator's DNA.  It's all about innovators being different than just executives because they are more inquisitive and willing to cross boundary lines.

And then I suppose the winds of my life decided to see if I could take my own intrepid steps, because work produced several situations where I had to stand up for myself at work.  Something about being a young woman and not as capable.  Why is femininity a reduction of perceived intelligence? But I proudly reaffirmed my professional contributions, communicating very calmly and clearly, and opening that space up again for me to be respected as a working female.

I wish I could be a stow-a-way in the lives of these innovator's, discovering the ways they believe in themselves beyond others small minds.

Innovator's are courageous.  That's what I think.

                       — Maya Angelou

Off to hide these exhausted dark eye circles.  Really tough week for me.  Got a girl's night with my junior high ladies.

Upward and onward,

(This was a couple summers ago when Katie and I hid in the bushes at work to enjoy the summer sun the day before my marathon)


  1. Way to go. Wish I could have been there to see you in action!!
    By the way, I love how Amy describes your story in SL!!