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23 April 2014

I know one thing for certain.  I'm going to be the most sympathetic wife.

When my husband comes home after a looooong day at work and---  Oh say no more, hunny!  I hear ya!  Because today I had one of those days myself.  And I thought- what if I got home and my spouse had placed our children on the doorstep to wait for me, all with snot bubbles coming out of their noses, and said it was now my turn to tend them because I've been gone all day and he needs a break.  Well I need a break too!  Because some co-workers can be more misbehaved than children. 

So then I decided that my husband and I are going to have a code word for days like today.  He'll text me "SHYSTER."  Or something.

And then I'll know.  I'll prepare him a special plate of steamy food and place it on the sidetable of a nice recliner chair by the time he gets home.  And I'll put the children in the attic.  Maybe I'll put on some lipstick.  Or even brush my hair.

So I just have to remember - it's days like today that will make me so understanding and thoughtful towards the arduous working days of my hubs.

Aaaand I have other ideas for him too, but I can't share them here because what if hubbzy READS THIS.

Upward and onward,

Becca, thank you for emailing me lots of pictures of baby animals.  And one human baby in an ewok suit.  And also, thanks for the walk. 

And Kate, haaaaaaa!  You  +  ballet.

And Cici, your story about writing letters to your high school crush signed "Rashumba" was the best thing I heard all day!  And as the bus drives away screaming, "I. AM. RASHUMBA!!"

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  1. Oh it's so good to hear this perspective! Not that I'm there yet, but you know. I'm sorry you had one of those days. And PLEASE tell me your code word will be "SHYSTER" haha too good. Love you lady!