A perfect decision for spring

05 May 2014

May Day, May Day, we are sinking.  We are sinking!

What are you sinking about?

For some reason all my favorite jokes involve German accents.  Do they though?  Or maybe I just say them with a German accent because I think that's the funniest part.  Either way, I got Leslie and Chris to laugh pretty hard at one of my jokes over dinner last Monday.  Also I had just run 13 miles to their house, so I sort of ruined their Family Home Evening with light-headed giggling.  And seeing if I could still spell "blood" with my hands.

Deterring completely from their lesson, I compared Leslie and I to Alma and Amulek from my reading a few nights ago.  Amulek enters the stage freaking out about something, and Alma reassures him with peaceful wisdom.  Alma is a fearless, confident leader, who is completely still in his own company.  And Amulek is a bit of a social butterfly who brings in a lot of street perspective.  And together, they make a great team. 

Anyway, I'm selecting a new focus.  However, because I'm an innate achiever, I keep wanting to pick determination!  But I've noticed that whether I do or don't explicitly set goals for myself in terms of what I'd like to get done, I will do it all regardless.  I think I eat willpower for breakfast.  So goal setting doesn't really benefit me if I just keep picking more things to DO.  Thus, I really enjoy the months when I consciously select areas to BE.  Less doing and more being.  

This month I am going to be a beauty-seeker.  Focus:


Be outside every second that I can.
Take lots and lots of pictures of beautiful things.
Use social media to follow people who are doing the same.
Slow down and just appreciate.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I love pausing to reflect on the difference between to do and to become. Doing and being. (I don't do it very often, but it is enlightening!)