And then there's always family

13 May 2014

I woke up on Sunday, on Mother's Day, to my mama calling me.  It was 8 pm, and I had been sleeping the entire day, except for that one time I got out of bed to go to 12:20 church, but I only made it through Sacrament Meeting and a few really embarrassing stories of my favorite Asian friend (Monica), and then I went back home and curled up for hours. (Explanation for my fatigue:  I completed a relay race in Moab this weekend, and then came home and promptly went dancing in Salt Lake City)  Until my mom rang:

(Because when people call when you're asleep, it seems really dramatic)

Ma: Uh, yes.  Trevor is going to be calling at 8:30 from Japan.  Are you asleep?

C:  I don't know.

And then family happened.

No pictures of Matt and Angie because they were late.  And by that point I was ironing my horribly sore body with a foam roller in the living room, so obviously no more screen shots.  And nevermind that Devin and I still egg each other on, even though we are of an age that would be constituted "full-grown."

But through it all, my exhaustion is evidence I have much to share.  Though I am still in need of more sleep. 

Quiet for 100 dollars, awesome for free. 


Upward and onward,

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