And the world takes our breath away

28 May 2014

Turns out this girl loves summer way too much.

I keep finding my way out into the blinding, blistering sun every second of every day.  Though, as it turns out, the sun is a greedy little thing in the summer and sucks out double energy.

Woke up exhausted.  Driving all the way to SLC seemed like too much work.  As did driving just down the street to my Provo office.  Need a vacation day from my vacation holiday.  Decide some extra rest is on the docket for today.

I text my buddy who I am supposed to meet for lunch and tell him "no can do, hooky day."  And then I email my boss using different words.  Something like, "not feeling well."

And thus began my day of... not working.

I drop my car off at the mechanic for a check-up.  My mechanic is at the top of my list.  He's seen me through all three of my cars, so he's basically like my best friend.  Ignore my overusage of that word.  He's just such a good and honest man.  His voice is super gruff, and he yells out of the side of his mouth like Popeye the Sailor.  Also, once when my car broke down a town away, I gave him a call, and he sent his brother all the way up to teach me how to hot wire it.  See, there are good friends, and then there are great friends.  Though he never remembers my name...  ANYWAY.

When the time came to pick up my car, even though the shop is a fair ways away, I start walking.  Because... SUN!

And also, because when I came back into town on Monday, I drove passed the Provo Pioneer Cemetery, and it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever witnessed.   Instantly placed up at the top of my most incredible sights list, right next to the Taj Mahal.  Though the Taj Mahal took my breath away with it's majesty, the cemetery astounded me with its love and color.  Every gravestone was covered in flowers and flags, as far as the eye could see.  I've run by every day since, just gawking.  And today was the perfect day to walk inside.

So I walk over and enter.  I was all alone, walking up and down between the gravestones.  Admiring how some of them are so beautifully gothic.  Touching people's names.  Wondering about their stories.  The wind blows my hair, swirling around my face.  I follow the wind and spin around to look at all these hundreds of people at once, all adorned by their families and friends, so many meaningful lives.  The love of God fills the air.  I cannot usually grasp the grace of God, but in this moment that I do, I am overcome with gratitude.  Such a strong power that I kneel down.  He has so much love for His children.

After ending my sublime moment alone in the cemetery, I continue my walk through Provo.  I live in such a wondrous town.  Full of history and culture.  And my favorite ethereal mountain backdrop.  I walk further into the downtown streets.  By that point, walking several miles in the sandals I bought in Mexico has rubbed blisters onto my toes.  And though the sun may be greedy with energy, it's very giving with liberty.  A barefoot stroll is perfectly permissible in the summertime.

I keep walking and growing in admiration for everything around me.  The restaurants, the structures, the friendly hello's, and all the birthing nature!  Once the ball of awe gets rolling, may as well just let it plunge.

I arrive at my mechanic shop.  They hand me the keys and give me a couple bits of information.  "What do I owe you?" I ask.

"Nothing.  And we called this transmission place to get you a free check as well."
Ah man, who wants a greasy hug?

And no better ending then with homemade Red Curry and Chicken Peanut Satay up at The Man House.

What a day of hooky!

Upward and onward for all,


Post-script shout-out:  My homegirl Cici got engaged this weekend.  Lots of squeals have been happening around these parts.  All of us celebrated really late a couple nights ago, and then last night, Cici and I stayed up late laying in the upstairs hallway, dreaming and cooing.  Ya know, girl stuff.  She's one of the greatest people I've ever known.  Completely deserving of all this happiness.

  "Devin, you got a job down here?  Why didn't you tell me you were a clown window model."
 Of course I live in a town with a giant Audrey Hepburn photo.

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  1. the commute from Provo to SLC is exhausting, ya?? i have been doing that since March. you don't get used to it. sorry not sorry that it's not too optimistic of me to say ;)