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18 May 2014

I've been short on words lately.
Work has me on high-speed.  Two offices.  Huge projects.
Lots of early and earlier mornings.
And I leave for Africa in a month.   
Right after I run a marathon.  Literally.
And then I'm doing a triathlon right when I get back.
So much to do.
By the time the weekend comes around, sleep is all I can manage.
As a matter of fact, I sleep for one full day every weekend now.
Is there an award for that?
I feel like I'm in grad school all over again.

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend:

1.  It's been awhile since Will and I have been together.  So much working that I've had my own studio car the past couple weeks.  Relieved to walk outside at the close of work on Friday and have him waiting for me.  Time to start the weekend.

2.  Rode home beside this young fellow.  Loving all these summer motorcyclists!  Especially on the freeway because I laugh my head off at their puffed up shirts and flappy wind hair.

1.  Cici likes to buy fresh bouquets of flowers and put them all around our house in vases and mason jars.  Bathroom counters, end tables.  At Christmas, she filled our house with holly and pine.  This weeks was a soft pink rose bouquet.  I love it!  I will continue this tradition for always.

2.  Our sleepy little babe.  This is Sequoia, not yet introduced on my blog.  Kersti's boyfriend's little guy.  He always exclaims, "Santel!" when I walk into the room.  Heart melt.  He took a nap at our house Friday night, and I snapped a photo as I was on my way out for a date.  Love to see his little shoes and books scattered around.  Sometimes I even find his toys in the fridge.

1.  Cleaning my room and listening to conference talks.  The Spirit always swells within me when I listen to such great minds.  And I can always rest with my Savior, especially after date nights that aren't all that great.

2.  Saturday morning reading snuggles in our backyard.  A foot injury from my race last weekend has me at rest.  Boo.  But Kersti's garden and the sun is fine company.  Also, good writing never fails to make me feel revived.

More and more I realize the effect of surrounding myself with friends who strengthen and uplift.  No room for anyone that doesn't treat me as well or better than I treat myself.

1.  Leslie called early Saturday evening and said her and Chris were buying me dinner, and I was to meet them at Rocky Canyon park for a picnic.  On my way to go enjoy time with them.  Great conversation and always strengthened from their influence. 

2.  Evening bonfire with all our friends.  Taking turns playing the guitar, and 10 minute question interrogations with each person around the circle.  Learned about each other's greatest fears, top intrigue with the opposite sex, most accomplished moment.  All the real bits I like to know about another.  But since there were 17 people, I was in bed long before they finished.


1.  Sunday morning meeting with the Relief Society Presidency had me inspired and ready to learn.  During church, I was so motivated that I took pages and pages of notes for personal planning and calls for courage.  Anything to do with bravery is always my favorite subject.

2.  Received this picture in Relief Society.  Brennan caught a snake in my mom's garden yesterday.  I always miss my family.  I was invited on an exclusive Memorial weekend getaway with a large group of single folk  - renting a couple houses, jet skis, and boats in St. George -but, I think I'm pulling my spot and going north to my family instead.

1.  My girlfriend's father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away this week.  My heart mourns very easily, and she hasn't left my mind or prayers all week.

2.  Sunday cuddles to my favorite show.  Every character is my best friend.  And chatted with my buddy Josh about our Africa trip.  SO EXCITED!  Could anything be better than helping people in Africa?

1. Went to hang out with a house of guys in the ward.  Found their inventory of Mexican hoodies in the garage.  Thought we'd steal some.

2.  German pancakes and card games.  Came home and cheesed on EFY songs with my roommates.  Clean sheets.  Close the weekend.

Much relaxing time before I go headstrong into another week.  Oh boy.

Upward and onward,

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