The early morning get 'em feelings!

07 May 2014

Monthly department devotionals.  The first Wednesday of every month.

I used to bring a book each time, and my lady friends and I would pass pistachios back and forth.  Or Katie and I would intentionally sit in the corner and sleep on each other's shoulders.

But these meetings have been phenomenal recently!  So incredible that every month when the meeting rolls around, I jump out of bed and get extra ready.  It is the one of the top strongest moments of inspiration for me each month.  And the speakers - wow!

The band player from neon trees.  We had our own mini rock concert at 8 am.

Burgess Owens - a retired Superbowl player.  Talked about his early experience being like Remember the Titans - black prejudices on the team.  And sometimes you have to put in years of effort before your season finally comes.  Losing season with the Jets for 7 years, and then finally had a Super Bowl championship in the 13th season. 

Then  Lexi Walker.  Singing Let it Go and balloons started falling from the ceiling.  Some had candy in them and would hit people in the head  - laughing so hard.  Don't look at your flaws and mistakes - we all make them - look at your greatness.  You are a beacon of freedom and hope.

She spoke with such confidence and articulation.  Wow, a 13 year old girl.  What was I doing at 13?  Playing roller coaster tycoon and gluing my body parts together with rubber cement.  So I felt a super surge to get going on my dreams.

Upward and onward,

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