Finding the focus

22 May 2014

I really believe in the power of a focused mind.

Which reiterated to me in a collaboration meeting this morning where people just kept talking, of which was mostly irrelevant and extremely anti-directional.

To throw it out straight, meetings of the like are so hard for me.  I'm pretty deliberate when I speak.  As in, I like all my thoughts to have a rounded conclusion.  A clear takeaway.  So group ideation is something I'm not sure I believe.  I think it's best to form thoughts in solitude.  First gather and connect ideas in your own mind, and then present them to each other in a much more effective soundboard setting.  Then you can build off each other and go somewhere with it.

But coming into collaboration with just a bunch of unprepared people, can't think of a bigger waste. 

So we struggle a couple hours through a meeting that I'm not even sure what the objective was.  Someone was making a list on the board of all the disconnected thoughts.  Just transferring flat words to the flat board.  What is the purpose here?

Finally, I stand up and go to the back of the room to try and make sense of what everyone is saying. 

The discussion ends, and after the closing thoughts are shared to adjourn the meeting, the manager turns and asks, "what have you been working on back here?"

"Oh.  Wow...."  he says.  "THIS is what we needed."

Though I have respect for and can understand that people process in very different ways, surely some find satisfaction in endless churning discussions, I have noticed that all my closest relationships are with people who ultimately use information to find the necessary action.  Who seek to drive to some sort of end result, and then turn and make an effect.  People who are focused.

So today, my hat is off to executors!

Upward and onward,

Their thought board:

And the liberty I took to organize it:
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  1. You got it!!