Honest Box: a mountain I'm willing to die on

05 June 2014

Went for a looooong trail run last night, which has left me sneezing 32 times a minute. 

I always think long and hard when I run about the truest bits of what I believe.  Love.  Honest love.  Loyal love.  Open and accepting love.  Which I realize the lack of such love in this world is a far greater problem than I could ever solve.  But so be all humanity if I don't devote my entire life to trying.

We aren't blind to the needs people have in our world.  Sad hearts.  Hungry stomachs.  Scared minds.  But we are completely blind with resolve to do anything.  We tweet, post, give shout-outs to each other.  Hey, here's a 20.  Either there are not real resources being contributed, or they are the wrong ones.  I will gladly give my money, but I will be more glad to come over and help and struggle beside you.

Love is the resource.  Becoming a heart deep enough that you can lean into a dark place and rest with someone, hurt beside them, buoy them with your hope.  I am there.  I will come and stand beside.  No matter the distance, no matter the darkness.  I am there.   

As I do after all my runs, I came home with a burning desire to cause change.  I stayed home from The Man House and wrote in my Thought Block journal - Boss Man calls it my "iWad" because everyone has their iPads, and I pull out my little notebook - I wrote:

"I'm not worried about the misuse of people's money.  I'm worried about the misuse of their time."

Hugs, listening ears, and kind hearts heal.  And those take our devoted time and attention.  And who does that anymore?  Maybe I can't solve the world, but I'll be the first person to jump in the trenches and give my all.
The below image encompasses my feelings about social media SO exactly.  If I didn't know better, I would have thought that I made the image myself.  I only know better because obviously my attacker would have really nice hair.


The below gif also encompasses me SO exactly.

The white dude.  Not the black one.

Love is my call.  That is a mountain I'm willing to die on.

Upward and onward,

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