Game time

13 June 2014

The first race of this season was a half marathon I ran with Julie.  Poor girl woke up with me right in her face 30 minutes early, "HI hihihihi!!!  Are you excited?  I'M EXCITED!  Are you ready?  I'M READY!"

And then I jumped up and down and ran all around the house, while Julie cooly tied her shoes, and Kersti groggily put on a sweater to come take our picture and see us off.

Well, I just finished my final run of this training season last night.  Getting up at 3 am tonight to run a marathon!

Wish I could say last night was THE BEST run and I am SO READY.

It was pouring rain, my phone was in a sandwich bag sliding uncomforably all around my bra,   aaaaand I only went 3 miles before I was completely pooped.  That's a close number to 26, relatively.  It's fine.

So I came home and grabbed some tacos with Julie.  Finished my endless cans of beets - gotta pump that Nitric Oxide.  Then The Man House came over to watch a movie.  I drugged myself with sleeping pills and was out solid by 8:30.  Except at 10 when Cade threw a pillow at me because the movie ended, and he wanted to go get dessert.  No sir.  Fell face first into my bed and stayed out like a rock until dawn.

But I am RESTED today.  About to conduct a 4 hour meeting.  Holy shiza.  Grab my race packet.  Carb load for din din.  And then, GAME TIME!

Upward and onward,

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  1. This post was a relatable rollercoaster of emotions for me but I'm not mad about it.