I fell down and my palms split open

11 June 2014

There is truth to an open palm.

Once Mace told me a story about how he approached an outraged group of females on a business trip with his key tranquilizer of "open palms."

In Mace's earnest efforts to understand these women, he opened his palms and entered the room.  He's studied a fair amount of body language, so he has a better way of understanding people.  The only amount of body language I ever studied was from a YouTube video with a Latino woman showing how to sit and stand with the most angles.  Creating many angles with your body is supposed to be sexy.  But when Lisa and I tried it out on the chairs in her living room, I fell off.  So I gave up that dream of being sexy, and we memorized every word of the Bed Intruder song instead.

Anyway, apparently, open palms show an acquiescent approach.  A willingness to listen and really hear the other person.  And as Mace sat before his friends with his palms open on his knees, calm and peace was restored.

I think approaching people with open palms speaks truth about life.  Approaching life with an equal openness and acquiescent mind, allowing calm to be restored no matter what comes our way.

Maya Angelou's mentor once told her that life is far less personal than we all interpret.  Bad things happen to everyone.  People are bad.  Jealous.  Insecure.  That may affect you.  Health is compromisable.  That may affect you.  Money is unequal.  That may affect you.  Bad is just part of life, and when it comes, instead of being so reactionary, allow it with calm, open palms and continue on.

However, though some pain isn't personally aimed, it is personally jarring.  And better to look directly at hurt and then let it go, then just bury it and ignore it.  It has taken me a long time to get to an open-palmed, accepting place with specific bits of my life.  To approach bruising so deep with such a still and deep-rooted perspective is a big undertaking.

So a personal story on my end about this....

My stillness was jolted this week when I was asked to write a sealing clearance letter.  Again.  A request to give my blessing for the grace of an assailant, as his last requested release was denied.  I suppose this shows that accountability knows over who's head it hangs.  But justice doesn't always mean penitence from the offender.  Possibly only a more opaque pretense.

Bad choices always come with a degree of justification, and some perceive so much judgment in tearing down that wall of false reason that they preserve it any way they can.  But I think God and people are far more forgiving when we see offender's own what they need to own.  People love what they sense is real.  Delusion isn't keeping.  And neither is untrue perfection.  It's all about approaching even ourselves with open palms.  There is much more trust there.

But not only do we open our palms to ourselves, and to God, but we must open our palms to people and pains that may never render.  I have to repeatedly accept, open, and lay it down to rest.  I have no control beyond that.  I follow Maya Angelou's mentor in saying, this does not need to be interpreted so personal.  I give my general acceptance to life just containing bad pieces, and one hit pretty close to heart.  I open my palms.  And I lay it down.

And I look at The One - Jesus Christ - who opened His palms so wide towards me that they were pierced with nails.  And His wounded hands pick up and reconcile all the pieces I've laid down in confusion and defeat, so I don't have to continue holding onto them.  His love absolutely balances life's unfairness.

So, I continue to enter every room with open palms.  Even moreso when life jolts and hurts me and re-addressing all of this is definitely full of pain by the plenty for me.

"The question is, will we meet this passing with a closed fist and a hard heart
or with an open palm and consecrated life?"  -Adam S. Miller 

Because with fists closed, nails digging int your grasp.
Slowly your muscles start to relax.
Natural progression means you can't hold on forever.
And as your hand slowly releases, you start to see your world as it was meant to be.

Palms flat you receive-
and palms flat you provide.

Let it soak in my resting on your hand there.
but don't keep it.It's not yours.
It was never intended solely for you.
         (source here)

My morning meditation:
I will open myself to this day.  
And all that I can find, and all that I don't.  
And all that is fair, and all that isn't.  
I will accept all of it, and part with most of it.

Upward and onward,


Post-Script Shout-Outs:
Friends.  Gushing.
Leslie, Becky, Julie, Nora, and Mandi:  Now I have a handdrawn flower picture, a Dammit Doll, frozen yogurt, and lots of prayers.  With a family fast that my mom put together.

Facing the darkness is hard.  I struggled to rest and eat for a few days.  But it's done now.

I love knowing your struggles, accomplishments, ideas, ideals, and heart.  Knowing a person like ou, one cannot ever doubt that we are really children of God.  -Lisa
May you always find courage at your feet to pick up and carry on.  -Nora

Also, someone tell me that the white flurries outside my window are cotton.  Not snow.

But, what do I care.  I'm going to Africa.

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  1. I remember, Nora!! She's from NYC, right? I met her at Jacy's Girl's Night and I love her!