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02 June 2014

Saturday I ran 20 miles.  And then wore slippers all the next day because of bloody feet.  It's a fine price to pay.  i don't mind. 

By Monday, the extra need of rest caught up to me, and I came home from work, curled up on my bed, and slept for hours.  Supposed to go to The Man House, but Julie couldn't even shake me awake.  Finally I woke up , and we all piled in Jordan's car to go out on the town.  Julie playing DJ up front, and myself squished between J.D. and Cade in the back.  We rolled down the windows and sang Hallelujah in the chilled night air.  I loved that moment.

Tuesday we played in a baseball game with our ward.  At one point, it was just our little family out on all the bases. Turns out Jordan and J.D. are professionals.  And Cade and I held our own fairly well. Came home and curled back up on their bean bags.  Bachelorette marathon.

And tonight, I stayed home from The Man house.  It was family dinner night - tacos and milkshake.

But, I went for a really long trail run instead and came home sneezing 4 times a second.  Now I know that is possible. Now I soak in Apple Cider Vinegar and top knot my hair in Coconut Oil.

Preserve thyself.

Upward and onward,

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