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31 July 2014

My mental energy is highly consumed right now.  I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.  Stop, don't make me sing.  It's just, okay, fine, I'll tell you.  Every morning, I wake up and I go to these big buildings.  I do some stuff, and spin in all the office chairs, and reply to emails with obscene answers that are irrelevant to everything they asked.  And then I get these monies put in my bank account, so I can buy more sandwiches for myself.  I'm not sure how the world works for other people, but that sums it up perfectly for me. 

Anyway, right now - actually the last 7 months if you want the intimate details - I've been busting my butt on these ginormous projects, and there's all these important people I have to talk to, so I have to like, put on clothes and stuff.  AND IT'S JUST SO HARD.  Except I really actually like it. 

Well. this afternoon I realized I was going mildly insane from all of it.  And I panicked and didn't know what to do, because the psych ward is tired of picking up the phone at 2 pm every day and hearing a blood curdling scream, until I start choking on my lack of air, and hang up.  So I came to this blog.  And I'm essentially going to do the exact same thing.

Also, I dreamed for a very long time last night about Pesto spread.  Wow, Dream Gods, do you have any more exciting dream reels??  GEEZ.

Anyway, plug your ears.....  This post is about nothing. 

Planning our Roomie Bachelorette Party tonight:

I watched the Giraffe Cam fervently, and when Mama and Baby came on screen, I nudged my buddy way too hard, and then interrupted the entire meeting by cheering and panning my laptop to make every person in the room look at them.


Also, working as a young single lady with a bunch of older men, I get set-up invitations constantly with sons, grandsons, nephews, and stray vagabonds.  But today at the copy machine, I received an invitation to straight up come to my co-worker's church where he is the bishop for a single's ward.  Complete with map directions AND an offer for dinner with his family afterwards.  That's a new one.  I have to marry ALLLLL the boys!!!

Off to a meeting with Boss Man.  I'm hanging up now.  Must go back to work mode.

Upward and onward,

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