I dreamed a dream and time went by

30 July 2014

It was 5:30 pm, and I had big plans for the evening.  And, well, one minute I was sprawled out on my bed having this really spiritual, conclusive study about the difference between humility and doormatness, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up with drool all over my dead arm, and three hours of the universe had disappeared, and I was filled with extreme paranoia that people were in my room watching me, because my dreams told me so.  Luckily my room was empty.  As well as all my motivation for the evening.  So I drug myself out of bed to keep myself awake for the next couple hours, and here I am in the basement giving full attempt at finally finishing the movie Les Mis, which has been a 31 month endeavor and counting.  Because I do love anything that connects to the vulnerability and beauty of humanity, which is the first half of this movie.  But the second half... a jaw-bone male sees doughy-eyed girl, WHAT EVER IS GOING TO HAPPEN??  And oh, THE SINGING!  I get that is the essence of the movie, but it's not a tune, it's just songed words, and all I can think about is the time I played iPod idol on the way to Mexico last summer in a packed 17 passenger van, and this girl belted all the main Les Mis songs absolutely horribly, and it was so hilarious that even now I can't stop laughing when clearly I shouldn't be.  So someone please tell me, DOES THIS MOVIE EVER END??

Eh, I've made a good enough attempt for tonight.  We'll see if I can finish this movie in the next 3 years because I am determined to force it as the most meaningful thing in my entire life. 

Off to bed again.  I'll attempt a proper life update someday.   Don't torch my house for not joining this song-yawning crusade.

When the beating of your heart echos the beating of the drums... then join in the fight that will give you the right to be FRREEEEEE.

Upward and onward,

Also, I'm sure people grow up and hope to be the muse for many powerful things.  But I'm okay with my place as the inspiration for 90% of all horror films.

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