The tidy spell grabs tight

17 July 2014

Tuesday I woke up in a spell.  


So, you're not going to believe this, but I DIDN'T EVEN GO OUTSIDE TO PLAY THAT DAY!!!!!!!!  Which means for one fuuull day, I was not covered in a layer of sweat, which is the most absurd thing that no longer makes sense to me now that the spell is over.  But try to imagine me inside for one day.  All clean. and stuff.

So, I was caught in a cleaning craze that morning, and next thing I knew it was 11 pm at night, and everything in my life was in such order that the galaxy itself shifted orbit, and all the hoarders in America suddenly felt queasy and started puking everywhere, and then Obama called to say, "The White House doesn't even look white anymore!  And now our country smells like vomit.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??" and I replied, "that is your doing.  What have YOU done?"  and then hung up real fast, and now I'm on national high-alert being stalked by NSA, so I have to spend EVEN MORE time running around in the mountains with a leaves and dirt disguise.

So it all worked out to my benefit, AND MY ROOM IS CLEAN!!!

Here are the forgotten indoor views of my life.

My Provo Office:

My superstar co-worker Lizzie.  The death rate on our pod chairs is currently 57.

My Salt Lake Office. 

And my bedroom space:

My spectacular mountain view.  With snuggle buddies Hippo and Raffo.

The dresser that houses all my clothes so I can play outside ALWAYS!

 And the mad woman herself.  
Surrounded by collected tokens of friendship- 
Flower drawing from Nora.
Missionary brother Trevor.
Daily meditation quote: "Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord."
Picture of Christ from Victoria.
Picture of my hometown girls when we went to lagoon for the 4th of July when we were like, 11.
Philippines shell from Mace.
Giraffe statue from SWASILAND!!  The one souvenir I kept for myself.
The mad woman is a tad sentimental.  

Upward and onward,


  1. If you could just do me a favor and find the caster of such a spell, I would be deeply in your debt. And if you could find them as soon as possible, that would be stupendous. Moving cleaning is the worst kind of cleaning.

  2. in our world we call that maxing out the house. your house looks maxed. also, i would like to provide you with a little something for your dresser collection. love u

  3. Soo.....I need to do this. My bedroom is messier than it's ever been in my life. When was the last time I saw the floor? My roommate went out of town for 2 weeks and I've taken the opportunity to spread some of the piles into her room just to give me some thinking room (Big Thinking room?) to sort it all out. Yeah, she comes home in 2 days and it's still spread into her room. I'm like the Swamp Thing. haha. Must take control....