27 October 2014

This weekend, I went to Boise with Ryan for my brother's homecoming.  He got home this last week from his two year mission in Japan.

(post from when he left here - email me if you do not yet have access ;) )

Missionaries are so common, but when I stop to think about TWO YEARS in a foreign place with SO many parts of your life sacrificed for service to the Gospel - man, what brave and incredible people.  So amazing.  This is the same conclusion when I stop to think about my friends giving birth to live humans.   MIND-BLOWING.  .

Trevor came home, and I had forgotten that this kid loves peanut butter.  Peanut butter had to be on the table at every meal growing up.  Take a dinner of spaghetti, for example.  Because why would he put marinara sauce on his noodles when he could put PEANUT BUTTER???  So when he pulled out the peanut butter jar and started licking the lid, that's when I knew he was the real Trevor Shawn.

So, my favorite parts of the weekend:

  • Football game with my whole family.  LOVED going to this game with Ryan and my family.  On our way out, shuffling through mobs of people, I kept asking Ryan what we would do if there was a bomb or a fire, and what would be the most effective way to FREAK OUT.  Because paranoia.
  • Sleeping in until 9:30 with Ryan.  Eating breakfast.  And then going back to sleep until 2.  So glad I found someone who can sleep as much as I can.
  • Shopping with Devin, Trevor, Ryan, and Kara - because the boys needed new clothes, and Kara and I had way too much fun throwing clothes over the dressing room doors, changing sizes, switching colors, and making them come out to model for us while we gave honest opinions.  "That shirt makes you look like you have jaundice."  "Ooooooh yeah.  Black was meant for you." Let's just say, those boys all left JCPenny looking studly.
  • Driving home from the mall and hearing about Devin almost getting in a fight with this old dude at a basketball game, because the old dude was super mad at how bad Trevor was playing, and Devin wasn't going to tolerate it.  Funny because one time this dude in high school was making fun of Devin playing dodgeball when we would all play as neighborhood kids in the streets, and I was up in his face so fast.  And one time my sister loudly chewed out this dude in the high school hallway because he wouldn't quit stalking me.   The Ockerman family might be really introverted, but we don't let people mess with each other.  I like that.
  • Pumpkin pie and watching World War Z with Ryan and my brothers.
  • Putting on all these Japanese clothes and taking family pictures.  Because that's tradition, as we put on Brazilian soccer jerseys and took photos out in the yard when Devin came home. 
  • Going to church with my whole family and listening to Trevor bear his testimony in Japanese.  He never spoke Japanese to us his whole mission because it would make him so nervous.  So this was our first time hearing him speak it, and it was SO cool!

Hashtag families are forever.

Upward and onward,



  1. Dude!!!! I was at the BSU game too and from the looks of your pics we were sitting like feet from each other!!! Love the pics :)

  2. Ps. You and your man are totes adorbs. (Yep. Said it. And meant it.) :)

  3. I like all of this. Family is so good. And those mannequin pics are KILLING me. I also maybe didn't know or maybe forgot that you're from Boise? Cool. I dated someone from there recently. We can email about it sometime on the off-chance you know him...