A day in the working life

04 November 2014

Yesterday I drove into work, all proud of myself for getting in before 8:00.  (because getting in before 9:00 generally calls for celebration).  And I had really good intentions of having a very productive day, mostly because over the weekend, my mind wanted to process all these emotional historical pieces of my life, and all the transitional things happening for me right now - growing pains in my job, building this new romantic relationship, still finding a niche in my new town, traveling a ton for work and personal, and shifting priorities around to try and have balance amidst all the change - and I just, I just needed to be done with thinking through all of that.  Some days you have to CHOOSE happiness, right?  Choose it and choose it and gosh dang, just get up early and start the week so you can get out of that emotional soaking tub. 

Well, I got into work and found out immediately that my computer had a virus so I needed to shut it down completely, and then just sit tight until an IT rep came to stop all the evil malware bots from destroying everything, and hacking all my personal bank accounts, and stealing my identity to run a porn site in Czechoslovakia.  Because someone saying "sit tight" makes me think "day dream about irrational conclusions in the meantime."  

Also, I spelled Czechoslovakia completely right the first time.  No red underline appeared as expected.  That is the most self-satisfying thing to happen in my life since I learned how to put on a sock with one hand.  Which I can't remember why seemed necessary to learn, but I don't regret it.

So I sat.  And I decided to make a tour for you to keep myself feeling upbeat.  (which admittedly, wasn't as easy yesterday).  So enjoy a little peak of my working mornings in Salt Lake.


I begin work days with my morning studies, which I have been trying to be very diligent about lately, because truthfully, being in a lot of life transitions, namely trying to be brave and open my heart in a relationship, really opens me up to a lot of pain and vulnerability from the past that cannot be soothed unless I just go straight to The Spirit Power.  If I don't keep that power in my life, sometimes it's alarming to see how fast I well up with achiness and heartache.  But God makes my spirits feel validated and calmed, and then feels all the deep chasms with strength.  When all is said and done, I actually appreciate the drops because I love witnessing that incredible lift.  But I have to make sure I do my part with Heavenly Father or the peace is a much harder fight to attain. 

Then, I use a little carry-along journal for reframing statements - writing down points of clarity either from scripture study or thoughts that come while I'm in the depths of work - anything that adds insight to my otherwise limited human, and oftentimes distorted, perceptions. 

Then I open my work folder where I keep all my current projects and personal tasks, and I pull out all the documents needing immediate addressing or updating.  And then I make a sticky note list of my top 3-5 tasks for the day.  I only list my biggest "must-do's" and then I throw it away at day's end.  I am not one to make an extensive to-do list, nor carry a list around with me.  I'm already a doer - very effective at getting things done - which is why I'm prone to anxiety and having a constant awareness of more and more things that can always be done.  So I insulate myself from systems that heighten that.  One little sticky note a day, top tasks, and then I let myself run free when complete.  It's helped me so much.

And that's how I try to begin a day for myself.  Though it works best when I'm prohibited from turning on my computer and instantly distracting myself with emails and blogs....

I move to my personal documents folder for some update and organization.  I usually store this in my bedroom, as it contains all my important documents, insurance policies, and tax information.  I collect important papers in my work folder above, then shove them into this binder when the stack is thickening.  I only pull out this binder twice a year - when I'm prepping for tax season and when I'm completing my own taxes.  And luckily I brought it yesterday because it's time to prep for upcoming tax season.  Gotta give some prior tax info to the IRS so I can get approval to prepare all ya'lls taxes.....  Yeah.  Boring, I know.

Then I move onto my side project binders. I'm working slowly but surely on my someday financial consulting business. I do a bit of research and organization for it every morning - read financial blogs, research businesses, find updates on accounting information.  I wish I could give more time, but with a full-time job and Love and Life - I decided little daily steps is the best I can do.  I have binders where I plan and collect all my research information.  One for small business accounting.  One for personal finance.  And one for articles and insight on leadership and running a solid business.  I also use my Pearl Trees site to organize the information online (see here - Thanks to Mace for showing me this site!)

Now, I leave my desk on the 3rd floor to give you a little tour - since I've been sitting for an hour and still no IT man.  

I stop and talk to Jared - there's like 25 family men on the finance team, as well as other single dudes my age, and a couple ladies - but he's my favorite.  He and I became friends from our conversations about running.  But now we stick together in all the finance meetings.  The loud, jocular dudes stick together.  The nerdy, data guys stick together.  But he shares my demeanor of being more quiet and soft-spoken, and I feel most comfortable around him.  His daughter is my age, and I told him that I think she looks like Queen Amidala from Star Wars.  

I enter the back stairwell to go down a couple flights to the main level. This is the view walking down the stairs to the large conference room.   It's gorgeous.  Got some temple action going on if you shove your face up against the glass and look right.  Looking over the stairs from the other direction, you can see straight down into the director's offices and observe each of them having meetings.  We call it The Fish Bowl. 

Walk by my Director's office, and all the finance managers are having a meeting.  I wave like I'm on important business, not giving a blog tour because Czech's are currently stealing my identity.  

I reach the front hallway.  The wall gives an overview of all the work that my department does.  I think it's super beautiful.

Walk past the front desk. Usually a sister missionary sits here. She has amazing auburn hair, and I'm assisting her in the legal organization for her nonprofit of mental illness awareness - she's open about her journey with bipolar disorder, and I really admire it.

Wish I knew what was in that box.   

In the foyer that connects our wing to the rest of the Church Office Building.  We have the whole East Wing to ourselves. and everyone else sits in "The Tower," as it's called.  I turn right to head back upstairs through the front set of stairs.

Just outside the stairwell.  Lots of pretty Jesus pictures everywhere. 

Stop on the 2nd floor to show the glass tunnel that connects to the rest of the Church Office Building.  I think it's very Matrixy and cool.

Continue to the 3rd floor and walk down the hallway that leads to my office.  All these smiling people greet me everyday.  

Back at my desk.  (Picture from a few months ago)

I've been waiting for almost two hours now.  Still no sign of IT.

Well, let's keep going. 

Here's my work binder that I made a few years back as a guide to my successor.  It's so outdated, so it really won't help anyone.  But maybe that picture will be useful.  That's the only personal photo I have at work.  Myself and my best friend Chelsea - also beautiful red hair - back in the day before boobies, which was anytime before 15.  She has always given me a special, inspired energy. 

Here's my "wall of personality."  Let's just say that not a lot of accountants have one.  

Boredom selfie.

Almost three hours waiting.

Growing bored. Eat second banana of the day. Pick at my hangnails. Then I overhear the man in the cubicle next to me having a phone conversation. I wrote this down VERBATIM!

"If any of you have any open scabs that keep festering in your hair, you should have those checked out too. ...

Call me after the biopsy."


I ended my post yesterday after that alarming comment, but I'd have you know that I waited for SEVEN hours!!!  I ended up forwarding my desk phone to my cell and leaving the office for a self day date and car maintenance (ugh).

Here's to abnormal days.

Upward and onward,

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  1. You really are just an impressive human. I want you to give me Life Lessons.

  2. I will never be able to tell you how much you inspire me! I know it's probably silly, but I love posts like this! And I needed it today! How are you so amazing? I mean seriously.

  3. Thanks for the tour. I love to see where you work and what it is like. I think I am jealous--except for the computer virus of course:)