A sneaky little Sunday date

16 November 2014

Ryan and I have been doing a fair amount of driving to see each other the last three months.  Like, if we combined all our driving and put it in one straight line, we'd be in South America by now.  And while it helps that I have an office in Provo, and sometimes Ryan has appointments in Salt Lake City, the commute has become taxing on both of us.  And the snowy roads coming soon...  wah.

But then we decided - why not take advantage of his office, which is placed exactly between our two locations??  We gave it a try on Friday night for date night.  Much better! 

So I texted him at church today, mixed among our other Sunday texts where we always send two pictures and share our most spiritual moment, "want to hang out at your office tonight?  I could be there by 4:45."  "YEAH!!  I'll be there and can't wait to see you."

So I dashed home from church, and without any time at all to cook myself dinner, I threw some veggies and fish in my car, grabbed a blanket, and my laptop with What Lies Beneath, still paused from a couple nights prior.  And only 20 minutes later, I was cruising into his business complex, seeing his car already parked out back.  Oh I will never again take for granted the days of being with someone who lives in my same town.

Ryan's company shares office space with another company downstairs.  So I navigate my way passed the pitch black rooms and through the maze of paper stacks and copy machines.  I sneak around to the front and bolt upstairs.  (Because I never get scared in dark spaces....  until I'm headed up the stairs).  The upstairs is just as dark and smells like burning pine.  I can only see a little from the green glow of the exit sign above my head, so I round the corner and see a candle flickering on the coffee table in the little couch area.  Later I joke with Ryan about how creepy it was, and he says he was just getting the mood ready.  "Like romantic spooky?"  Exactly, just what we need for our scary movie. 

We settle in to watch a little Shark Tank, one of our favorite shows, pausing so I can cook my dinner quickly in the microwave, though Ryan ends up cooking my fish on the pancake griddle, ha!  That man knows how to cook anything anywhere.  We laugh about our new idea to mimic Chopped - our other favorite show - by trying to cook our own meal once a week with four random ingredients.  Then Ryan shares his priesthood lesson with me, watching a little church video and reading little stories from the manual.  Then we watch a bit more of our scary movie, before I have to go home for a Relief Society social.

I will certainly be grateful for a future day when we don't have to drive all the way down the valley to see each other for just a little bit, but I think I'll still always hold fond memories for all the nights I've driven home under the stars, speeding up the mountain Belt Route, overlooking the glow of all of Salt Lake Valley and the bright capitol on the hill.  Because that is such soft time for me to think about him and all these memories, feeling really calm and happy.

Today, I feel like the luckiest girl

Upward and onward,

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  1. You've gotta admit, that candle set the perfect mood to finish watching "What Lies Beneath" haha.

  2. love your writing!!! you tell stories is such a lovely, compelling way. also, yay for halfway dates! it sounds like a really good way to start the week.