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22 November 2014

Earlier, I wrote a long post to shed light on all I've experienced at work this year, especially in the last two and half months.  Polished and posted.  But hours later, I took it downBecause the details of this difficult year aren't important, but how I'm becoming greater through working at my job is the snapshot to keep.

Also, writing is my creative outlet, and as I study The Artist's Way in my book club (see here), Allie sent a quote to us by the painter Cassandra Barney that talks about creativity is most fulfilling when we just pull out the good:

"Add something good to the world instead of, you know, something about being self absorbed, and oh, poor me, because those paintings are really easy to paint and they pay off, I can sell those really well if I do something a little more tragic, but to add something good and better to the world is far more challenging and totally more rewarding when I do that. Inspiration doesn’t happen all the time, that’s the thing, as all artists know. It’s working hard everyday and focusing and sorting through everything and then being ready when it happens cause when it does happen, its like, woah, that was so beyond me, and it’s the best feeling in the world, but you can’t force that. I just have to be—keep working and be ready."

I believe, as technical as my work can be, it can also be very creative. And that's when I'm happiest and most fulfilled. So as I've learned to be creative at work, these are some truths I've learned.

  • I'm recognizing that my reigning qualities are innovation and execution.  I'm known for being a great facilitator and a change agent at making really complicated things lean and smooth. 

  • I'm convinced that if God finds you working, He will make an incredible use out of you.  Pushing you to heights that are impossible to fathom when standing at the start.
  • Speaking up for yourself does wonders in reminding you that you have your own back.  We all need that.

  • Also, I continually feel reaffirmed that God expands us through roadblocks.  The notes below are what I scribbled in a work devotional, after seeing this truth of God manifest exactly in my professional life.

A roadblock is still a good path because then once you get on the right path, you are much faster.  God allows you on the wrong path because that are instilled with confidence on the right path, and you are so much faster.  The more you recognize him, the more He will direct you.  Give credit to the Spirit.  Be open about it with other people, because then it helps build their faith.

  •  It's important for me to have clear goals for myself or else I just billow around in the needs of other people.  I need to have a path for myself set or else I begin wandering down others paths.  The world will absorb you so fast if you don't have stakes of your own.
(A picture I found scribbled in my little work notebook, after deciding that I needed a clear objective for myself or others demands would lead me down a number of unsatisfying paths).

  • And finally, ultimately I have realized the power of a grateful heart.  Being grateful for all the professional opportunities I have, the friends I have made, the respect and feedback I have been given from other like-minds, and the way I continue to grow and have such a bright, and mysteriously exciting future ahead of me.

Here's to calling upon God for confidence in the morning, and then using your creativity for the rest of the day.

Upward and onward,

A statue I was awarded this year for completing my CPA.

Flowers from the director in Provo to express his appreciation for my help this year. 

And finally, a picture I snapped on my way back from a meeting today.  Heavenly Father really knows how to use us when we are ready to get to work.

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  1. Congratulations Chantel. It must feel great to have all that hard work and effort finally pay off and be recognized. Way to stick with it and not give up!!