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13 February 2015

This week, there was a noticeable trend of one extremely happy thing happening around 3:00 pm every day.  Which is just the time at work when something of the sort needs to happen.  Below I share my 3:00 treats.

Monday Little Happy

Lisa texted me the most fantastic photo, straight out of her grandma's photo album.  Because her grandma and my grandma are sisters.  (And then Lisa texted me a bunch of photos of blown-up eggs all over her face- HAHAHAHA!  Because microwaving eggs is never glamourous).

Anyway, this PHOTO.  I can't get enough of it.  Makes me so full of joy.

Lisa is the cloud baby looking at Devin's head.  And I'm the one sporting the cat surfing shirt.  Which was my absolute favorite shirt I ever had, ever.  And if it was still around today, I'd wear it because I like when my sleeves tickle my ears.  Which is why my wardrobe in the early 90s was so successful.

Tuesday Little Happy

A post from one of my favorite people's Instagram.  Mirielle Sanford - always has THE BEST photos and quotes.  And I got to live with her for a good 3 weeks, which was one of the best roommate chemistry's I've ever had.  Seriously, so much laughing all the time. 

"Carpe diem' doesn't mean seize the day--it means something gentler and more sensible. 'Carpe diem' means pluck the day. Carpe, pluck. Seize the day would be "cape diem," if my school Latin servies......Pluck the cranberry or blueberry of the day tenderly free without damaging it, is what Horace meant--pick the day, harvest the day, reap the day, mow the day, forage the day. Don't freaking grab the day in your fist like a burger at a fairground and take a big chomping bite out of it. That's not the kind of man that Horace was." -Nicholson Baker

Wednesday Little Happy

This amazing little video I found when I was wasting time on Instagram stalking people I don't know or care about or really even want to look at it.  But this was a golden, golden find.  Which I watched with Ryan like 3,000 times and it just got more and more funny.  Wow. 

Upward and onward,

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