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15 February 2015

Last weekend, Ryan and I went to St. George with a group of friends.

It began classic Julie-Chantel style: one single text from one of us with an adventurous idea.  "Weekend getaway + hiking?"  "Yep!!  Totally in!" And luckily Ryan is just the same. I can come to his office with a bag of Chinese take-out and while he's still in the boardroom with an employee, trying to finish up the work day, I can barge in to announce the plans and he's totally in!

So a group of us drove down after work on Friday night, playing hours of "Would You Rather?" Which provoked a lot of hilarious stories, among other funny things that one probably wouldn't share outside a night roadtrip.  We arrived in St. George at our rented condo.  A nice little place that belongs to somebody's grandparents who have a classic old person smell.  This condo place had 3 pools, a hot tub, a basketball court, a tennis court, a racquetball court, pool tables, game rooms, DVDs and books for take-out, and YOU NAME IT -- everything that old people need to retire in a nice warm place!  Except parrots.  Because I've always thought that training those things to help old people when they've lost their minds would be a good idea. 

The next morning, Ryan got us going with his veggie & bacon egg scramble for breakfast (MY FAVORITE!).  Then we drove to Zion's National Park, all six of us packed in our buddy's truck.  Once at Zion's, we drove up the mountains to a tunnel at the top.  It is probably the longest tunnel in the world, and we had a signature Percs of Being a Wallflower moment (a must read), by rolling down the windows, blasting Beyonce, and driving through as fast as we can to feel like time has stopped.  At the end of the tunnel, once we were all light-headed from trying to hold our breaths, we stopped and watched some mountain goats, wondering how their bodies can possibly be built for such quick mountain scurrying.

We drove back to the base of the mountain for our hike, first loading ourselves with sandwiches and fruit snacks.  I was told this hike involved holding onto a chain.  I did not realize that meant bouldering up and down a skinny little rock trail with cliffs on both sides with said chain to grip onto for OVER A MILE.  It was the most incredible hike, and I LOVED it!

On the hike down, Ryan and I tightly held hands the whole way and discussed the growth of our relationship and the connection we feel through conversations.  It was so perfect, and I am just so grateful to be with him.

Then we all went out for dinner and then back to the condo to relax. Ryan and I went hot tubbing and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation of all these college girls in the hot tub with us ("and then she said----." "I can't believe she said that!!").  I asked Ryan later if he heard what "she" said, because I missed it.  He didn't hear either and was also disappointed he couldn't follow the drama of the conversation.  We all fell asleep that night watching a super old Robin Hood movie where we were extremely happy that Kevin Costner has since learned how to act.

The next day we went to a local church and listened to every ward member share their feelings about the Young Women's program.  We were so immensely into it that we left early to eat more of Ryan's incredible breakfast.  Then we packed up and drove to Snow Canyon.  After scurrying through all the caves we could find, we snacked up at a gas station and headed on home.

A most splendid weekend getaway!


Here's to being autonomous, adventurous adults!  And to the man who makes my life all the more fantastic :))

Upward and onward,

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  1. Seriously! Thank heavens Kevin Costner learned how to act since then!