Taking the new job in stride

04 March 2015


Today is my 3rd day of the new dig.  I got up at 5:45, worked out, chatted with Kersti in the kitchen, and then took my favorite, MOST BEAUTIFUL, drive to work.  Driving down into Cottonwood Canyon, right as the sun peaks over the mountains, driving past my favorite glowing business complex, seeing raised American flags in the wind.  Love. 

This job feels so right to me.  I don't want to get started on all the reasons I needed to get out of my last job or I fear I will consume the entire bandwidth of the internet.  But to capstone the gist -  my last job was increasingly chaotic.  Complicated and frantic and on demand 24/7, and the work was tedious and shallowly insistent, with no clear expectation or plan or future opportunity.  And management...  HAHAHA! So I became sporadic in search of something outside of work to fulfill me since my job wasn't doing the trick.

But THIS job is simple and concise.  I'm pulled in one clear direction, at one location, with tasks that I find exciting and advancing.  Getting my nerdy back on!  Also, I can already tell I'm good at the work, and I'm really liking this industry.  Love.  (The job switch reminds me of this article).

Other bits of my life at Oakwood - Since this is a custom home-building company, everything is pristinely decorated.  Even the bathrooms are luxurious!  EXCEPT, the back stairway. After snickering at it during my first-day tour, I was informed that the CEO in Denver has a friend who is a graffiti artist and she came out to paint this.  WHY???  It's like, Lisa Frank started a Stampin Up back alley gang.  (I'll give a photo tour someday). 

Also, the CEO is super into health, so all of our personal fitness expenses are half reimbursable and the kitchen is stocked daily with fresh fruit.  LOVE.   Also, we get "Oakwood Bucks" anytime we work out or volunteer in the community, and we can redeem them for vacation days or cash.  They are fake bills with an absurdly large image of our CEO's face right in the middle.   HA!!  It's so fantastic.  Double love.

Also, popular pop and country music play from the overhead speakers all day long.   Dance parties in my head to Beyonce and Justin Timerberlake while I calculate the costs of homes?  DON'T MIND IF I DO!

And finally, Ryan gave me a blessing the night before I started this job.  I've never done that before - the day-before blessings. But I felt like I needed one because the end of my last job left me slightly traumatized.  I was blessed with the ability to learn quickly, and I can really feel that!  This is my first time working in the home construction industry, but I understand things without even needing to be taught.  I just KNOW stuff miraculously and everything makes sense to me.  It's way cool!! The blessing also reassured me that this is a much better path for me, and I will be highly valued and grow a lot here in the next steps of my career.  :)

All in all, I'm so so SO happy with this new opportunity for me. 

Drinks on the house!  From your faucet in your own home.

Upward and onward,

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The view of my drive to work.
Because first day photos matter.

A little surprise I found when I pulled out my filing drawer.  I ate it.  

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  1. Wow what a great job! I love that they so openly support physical health. Why aren't l companies like that? Also, the part about Lisa frank graffiti?? Loling like crazy haha

  2. I'm just so happy you're in a better work circumstance! You so deserve it!!