Pictures of lately

22 April 2015

All the happy moments of lately:

Rachel had a birthday and invited Ryan and I to her ice-skating party.  It was such a fun time!  I really really like Rachel.

While riding in Ryan's truck to grab some groceries for dinner, Ryan and I are debating if this mans outfit is his own free will and choice. Or that of his wifeys. Please help us put that debate to rest.

 After Jessica's wedding reception, Ryan and I went on a date to Wing Nutz and then to see the Imitation Game.  We had such a good time together.

I've got the scrapbooking mood lately.  It comes around every so often, and I have the time of my life!  Watching The Bachelor while I sort papers and pictures.

My nightstand.  Loving all these essential oils Sharla keeps giving me.  And the grapefruit - YUM!

Love my dresser lately!  Pictures of the Savior friends have given me.  Chocolate that was Kelli's Christmas gift returned to me.  My Joseph Smith statue awarded for getting my CPA.  And lastly, the beautiful white rose Ryan had waiting for me at dinner on our Valentine's date!

Loving my whole room lately!  Always like to keep this a clean, tranquil space.

Figured out how to do the fastest bun in the world!  And it's still super cute!
Studying conference talks and church notes on my front porch in the sun, while eating a healthy home-prepped dinner.

And lastly, seeing Sequoia's little underpants on Kersti's floor when I walk by in the morning.

Upward and onward,

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