Reducing interference to really experience

17 April 2015

*written after a nice hot soak in the bath while reading.  So much delight!

Recently I've been reading The Alchemist, right as Rachel departs on a trip to Jerusalem, near the location of this story setting.  In this book, they talk about pilgrimages. How in the olden days (or maybe still) people showed their devotion to God by taking pilgrimages to Mecca.

But I've been thinking how we're spiritually, mentally, emotionally on that journey all the time.  Wandering through the desert in our caravans, weathering the trek, becoming even more purified for when we make it to Mecca.  Aka, figure out what the heck we're doing in the world and how to rise into someone greater, instead of just withstanding in a flat-line sort of endurance or a state of shallowly happy oblivion.  So by the time we make it to Heaven Home, we have been refined partially out of inevitability, but mostly because of deliberation. 

And I tend to gravitate towards people who are taking this journey more consciously.  The ones that are eyes-wide open in a spiritual - Truth-seeking quest.  And that is Rachel.  I can tell she's more conscious of her life journey, being something to Rise and Grow from, rather than just riding the wave, staying in the wide and popular lane, but deliberately seeking the narrow lane that goes upward.  I have so much respect for her.  She, as well as so many of my other close friends, see things differently, more holy, from up above.  And those perspectives I love to know.  What are they seeing.  Not in front of your eyes.  But understanding from the soul.

Another book I read awhile back talks about how growth doesn't come by an increase in intelligence, but a decrease in interference.  Which is something I told Rachel a couple weeks ago as we talked over the phone.  We try to schedule a weekly phone call date, because we each draw so much strength and spirit from the other.  And I told her how I've been thinking recently how the closer we get to our own roots, our own internal light, the closer we hear our own intuition, and the more we'll see.  Which is the problem of Today, right?  It's hard to see inside of ourselves because there's so much other noise.  But I've been placing a high priority on that as of late.  Reducing interference.   Seeing my true self more, seeing God more.  Taking my trip to Mecca very consciously.

Upward and onward,

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