All the good good good good good things

21 May 2015

My phone followed me around all morning. So the fact that I forgot it when I left for work is beyond me.  You see, I was texting Ryan while I was working out early.  Then my phone came with me when I ran up into the mountains afterwards, it followed me into the bathroom to serenade me while I got ready, followed me to my bedroom for some clothes, to the kitchen for a protein shake, and then out the door..... and it didn't come with me.

Well, last night, I was basementing with my roommates- popcorn, chocolate, and a Bachelorette marathon - so I was basically out of touch.  And, while we were guffawing at the television, I had received a text message from my friend Audrey.  "WHERE ARE YOU??????" she wondered.  Because I haven't been logged into the social workings lately.  So, because I never got back to her last night, and I wanted to answer her question this morning, I snuck out of work and drove home to get my phone.

And I found this old couple in my kitchen.


So I asked them if they wouldn't mind if I made some eggs.

HAHAHAHA!  You guys, this is a true scenario.  Every word.

And then after all this happened exactly as I've described it to you, I asked what they were doing.  They said they were the home inspectors.  (Because our landlord has been showing our house and went off and sold it, and you know what, I didn't even bother picking up my clothes on the floor or putting the 8,000 cups in my bedroom in the dishwasher, because don't home buyers want to see what the home looks like in its natural state of a REAL LIFE BUSY HUMAN?  Yeah, I'm sure they do).

So anyway, I learn these old people are supposed to be in my house.  Not that I really would have cared much if they weren't.  So I tell them that I live there - in case there was any confusion that other strangers just made themselves welcome in this house - and I say that I forgot my phone so that's why I'm here.  And then I kept talking to them while I fried some eggs, and they were really great, and I thought it was cool that this old couple is running a home inspection business together, and then I took my plate of eggs, and said "Goodbye!  I'm headed back to work!"  As if they were anything but just some strangers in my kitchen.

So anyway, Audrey's text made me decide to come here and tell everyone how I've been....


Things are just so good.


You guys.  I wish I could write everything out that I have in my mind, in my soul.  But, work - WHAT THE HECK?  Why must our society be based off a system of shuffling around temporal resources so that we may receive electronic numbers so that we may put living sustenance into our bodies?  WHY IS THIS OUR SYSTEM?  Why can't it be that we spend our time, shuffling nothing of finite matter, but emitting goodness and love and testament that will reach and remain down into the eternal pieces of our cores.  And then the resources of upholding our bodies will be given to each other with our maximum sacrifices and received from each other with our minimum requests.

Like, I can give the mailman a BIG hug for him to put a little waffle on my front porch every morning.  Yeah.  And then, I could write everything to you and bring you all into my intimate journey over the last two weeks.

But alas, I can't.  Because I'm in a cafe on my lunch break, observing a first date out the window, so close to me I can observe their nervous jitters..... seeeee:  (They're slouchy and relaxed now because we've all been here far too long).

And I have to go back to work to make sure that the homes being built in Utah are making a profit.  BECAUSE THAT MATTERS......

But here I am.  I still have a face, not that those suddenly go away.  The only change is that I've only found two gray hairs since we last talked, so that's nice.

 And a picture of Ryan.  Because he matters to me.


And the truths in my heart will be written here soon.  Because those matter. 

 Upward and onward,


  1. HEEEEELLLLS YEAH!!!!!! Because that matters. And. You are so, so lovely to behold.

  2. I totally agree! We should be getting the sustenance for our bodies from the forest and lakes! (Like that pic of me fishing.) That's what you meant, right?

  3. YES! We should be wilderness people!