Ryan has a question for my dad

03 July 2015

On to Henry's Lake, because Ryan has a question for my dad...

Ryan and I have known we wanted to be together, like seriously together, for awhile.  But all must happen in due time, and one night on the couch, Ryan turned to me and said he'd always had a plan to talk the father of his future Mrs.  I told him I could pass along my dad's number.  Ryan said "no, no.  face-to-face."  Because if he's going to ask for permission to marry me, he wants to do it properly, which I have a lot of respect for his desire to do so.

So as we rolled open our upcoming schedules, noting the trickiness of getting two men in separate states together for a conversation, I remembered my dad was going camping and fishing that very weekend in eastern Idaho, which also happened to be the only free weekend Ryan and I had for the next while, and also my dad's queue of activities for the weekend are also Ryan's favorites.  No better place for two men to talk serious than on a fishing boat out on the lake.  So fate had its way, and we also had ours.

And now, inspired by the trip collages of my prized friend Mirielle - I love her way of capturing the simplest moments of travel in a magical essence - I bring to you, our Henry's Lake Weekend.

After work on Thursday, I sat on my empty living room floor, finishing up some last minute tasks on my laptop, waiting for Ryan to come pick me up.  (The living room is empty due to roommates who owned our furniture getting married, hehe).

Ryan arrives and we depart, heading for my grandma's house in Idaho Falls, where we'll stay the night and head on to Henry's Lake in the morning.  I LOVE roadtrips with Ryan!  The grand feeling of  riding in his truck, having great conversations, and sometimes watching TV on his phone, ha!

The next morning, my grandma made us a restaurant buffet breakfast - eggs, her renowned fluffiest of all fluffy pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, juice, and milk.  Ryan and I ate the way all grandchildren are encouraged to eat in the company of grandparents - like there is no tomorrow.

Then my grandma took us out to see her flower garden.  She is the best flower gardener in all the world, as she hybridizes many kinds of irises and people travel far and wide to see her vast garden and intricate flowers.

Afterwards, we packed up, said our goodyes, and headed on.   The drive became increasingly more beautiful.  Fields, forests, never-ending blue skyes.  Ryan and I even stopped so a herd of elk could cross the road, ha!!  Amazing.

We arrive at Henry's Lake, driving around the whole of it to specifically reach the Bill Frome camp ground, as Henry's Lake is vastly large.  Then we find my dad's camper in a row of other fishermen campers.  This is the place to be.

This quickly became the perfect vacation.

Ryan and my dad spent a lot of time on the lake.  (And Ryan was able to have the conversation that we came for).  I went out with them sometimes.  And other times I stayed back at camp.  Sleeping in like a Queen in my dad's camper.  (Yeah when I woke up at 10 am with such ease and full rest, I thought I had died and gone to heaven).  I read in the sun, caught up on journaling, went for nature walks.

After Ryan had talked to my dad about us getting married, my dad invited me on a walk.  We talked about it, both feeling really good.  Then when my dad started to feel tired, we turned around and walked back to camp.  Only I kept walking.

The scenery was so superb.  On the upper-end of places I have been to.  So green, clouds so puffy, bluebirds right at home, supreme temperature, and glowing sun.  I walked and walked.  On the long way back, I did work-out moves as I walked, noting how ridiculous I surely looked, but also not caring.  My body felt refreshed, and my mind felt alive.  Such a blend of stimulation and tranquility is so agreeable to me.  And of course, Ryan was back at camp, taking a nap, and we are getting married.  The whole world was just right.

Ryan and my dad went out fishing again, and I read on the dock.  After each of them caught a massive fish, I went out on the boat with Ryan.  I love riding in his boat, and I wanted to be with just him.  He drove me to his favorite fishing hole, and within minutes, I had fallen asleep on the bench in his boat (yeah, I'm a really exciting fishing companion).

No sooner had I fully dozed off when I awoke to Ryan excitedly telling me to grab the fishing pole - we had a fish!!  But I was disoriented so he reeled in the fish while I netted it.

After fishing for awhile longer, we drove back to camp and grilled it up.  Ryan makes the most delicious fish fillets I've ever had.  No exaggeration - that man is better than any restaurant in all the land.

After fishing, reading, writing, walking, and talking to our heart's delight, it was time to pack up and come home.  So Sunday at 7 in the morning, we took our departure so we could make it in time for a bishop's interview also regarding our upcoming marriage plans.  Man, scheduling becomes thick when a wedding is on the horizon.  It is a fun time :)  

But Ryan and I decided we both loved this weekend so much, as we both got endless amount of time doing the things we love in perfect tranquility, that we are going to invest in this weekend lifestyle.  Thus, we think we'll buy a camper for his truck bed as our own wedding gift.

Here's to man-to-man conversations and a perfect weekend paradise.

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           ****  - so much emphasis to character and virtues

Upward and onward,

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  1. I looooved that weekend! When I was younger and envisioned talking to my future father in law about marrying his daughter, I never envisioned it being on an amazing fishing road trip like this! The only problem is that your dad said I had to let him catch the biggest fish, and that didn't happen. 😬

    Last night I actually had a dream we were back at that lake. Can't wait to go back we you!