Writing from the honeymoon: Ryan's sweet subtle acts

18 August 2015

Day two of our honeymoon.

He brings me over a cup of water while I sit out in the sun.  "In case you get thirsty," he says.

He pulls out my chair, waits for me to sit down, and then helps me scoot into the dinner table.

He makes dinner and then offers to do the dishes and clean our apartment while I rest.  "You must be so tired after our wedding yesterday."

After only being married a couple days, I've noticed this really subtle extra level of care from Ryan.  Every moment, he seems to give extra thought to my needs, foreseeing them before even I do.  I can see him making sure I'm taken care of all the time.  I love it!

I make a comment to him about it on the first day of our honeymoon in Jamaica.  We're walking across a bridge in the back of the resort and he says, "I'm just so happy.  I feel so happy to be married to you."

His sweet little acts of taking care of me.

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