Away for the weekend

16 September 2015

I'm on the plane to go see my Ryan in Kodiak.    RYAN   and   ALASKA!!

At airport security, my new temporary license, with my updated last name, wasn't accepted as a valid ID, so I was pulled aside for an extensive pat-down and a thorough rummage of my luggage.  Well alright then, TSA.  I'm a newlywed going to see my new husband after several days apart, sooooo proceed through my things at your own caution...

And now, I'm in a plane row all to myself, and the guy across the aisle is singing loudly along with his iPod.  Does he remember that he's doing that?

All is well with me. Except my eyes are very tired.  Only because my new life with work is incredible!!!!!  (Albeit, busy). So before my red-eye flight even begins, I am already the number one frontrunner of that effect.  Hello one-month anniversary honeymoon!  Ha.  We can't stop.

Ryan's going to gobble me up.

Upward on onward,

Thank you, Brooke, for this BOOK RECOMMENDATION!! (Perhaps you should begin a Brooke Book... Club)

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  1. Hahahahaha the airport security part. Right?! That's happened to me more than once ha 😁 I'm so glad you're reading that book! I hope you love it! (Or at least that I didn't overhype it for you). I love that you always give little shout-outs to your friends in your posts. You always know how to make other people feel special :) hope you've had so much fun in Alaska!!!!