First married memory - Ryan and The Fly

05 September 2015

"Can you hear that?" he asks, as he shakes his fist by my ear.

"No I can't hear anything."

"Okay watch this." he says.  He lifts the lid of the toilet, takes a few steps back, and raises his arm.  He throws his arm as hard as he can towards the water in the toilet and opens his fist on the way down, revealing a big black fly that he had caught in his hand.  The fly lands in the water, and then immediately takes flight again.

"What??  That's never happened!  They always stay in the water."  he exclaims, giving evidence to his history of fly-catching.  "Ah, wait, where's my basketball?"  I tell him which cupboard I packed with all of our athletic gear.  He runs off to get it, and I remember the time we were sitting in his living room with his family.  After a nice Sunday dinner, while we all sat chatting, a fly had been buzzing around the room.  After a few unsuccessful attempts from his brothers at catching it, the fly landed on the vaulted ceiling far above our heads.  With no pause in the story Ryan was telling, he picked up the soccer ball next to the couch, and threw it hard at the ceiling.  The ball slams directly into the fly and squashes it onto the ceiling, and the soccer ball falls to the other side of the room, and Ryan continues still with this story, while the rest of us sit in awe and stare at the dead fly.

So Ryan comes back into the bathroom with his basketball.  He shuts both doors, and I scoot into the corner to give him more room.  He chases the fly around our sizable bathroom, swatting at it, while I stand in the corner laughing.  Ryan zips back and forth with the fly, and I'm bent over laughing harder and harder.  What a ridiculous and fun sight!  When I'm well out of breath from laughing, Ryan finally gives one solid hit to the fly, straight into the wet shower floor, and the fly gives up the fight.  I hug my new husband, still laughing from the situation.

Such a small moment but so full of joy.  Loving loving loving married life!

Upward and onward,

Ryan made our first dinner as a married couple!  Celebratory chicken and veggie kabobs!  And since we quickly learned that his grill can't be on our apartment patio.  We now have it as our sole piece of dining room furniture.  Yay newlywed life!

A couple months ago after my friend's wedding reception, when Ryan and I were so super love drunk and rain soaked.  He took me out for a nice Sushi dinner.  Such a fun and loving night!

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