Part 15 - Philippines Journey: the day of our last medical mission

19 September 2015

The next day we went to purchase more medical supplies with the donation money from my friends. I like this picture because it shows the exhaustion in my face.

Then we loaded up to head out to another island!


The boat to take us out to Kamotes.
We unloaded our relief goods and headed for the local church. 

The island of Kamotes was BEAUTIFUL! I choked on my breath a few times because I couldn't take in all the beauty! Also, notice the books on the dashboard... (Book of Mormon and Teachings of the Prophets Manual). Made my heart smile and say, "yep, this Gospel is true even on the other side of the world!"

While the team rode in the back,they insisted I ride up front to stay out of the direct sun. They all treated me so well.

We stopped at a local church and sat through their last bit of service before distributing our final goods to them.  The little girls at the church wanted to braid my hair, so I let them.  I love having my hair played with!

After distributing the relief goods to a local church and performing another medical mission, our team stopped for lunch at Willy's family's house. Look closely... see any eyeballs on the table? That was my favorite dish. Arch teased me, "Geez, I've never seen Chantel eat so much!"

After this final relief mission, we had to say goodbye to our Filippino friends. Mace, Preston, and I were left to our own adventures. We went back to the island of Cebu, and used the remainder of our donation money to buy more relief food. But we could only buy what we could carry on our backs. Walking through the wild streets of Cebu with a large box of sardines on my shoulders, while Mace and Preston each carried a 50 lb. bag of rice on their shoulders, dodging cars, and slowly watching Mace's back get sweaty, and hearing my own panting, was actually a really cool moment. It really showed our dedication and zeal to exhaust all our energy in serving these people.

Upward and onward,

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