TABLE OF CONTENTS - Philippines Journey

19 September 2015

I finished writing about my Philippines trip!  I feel SO accomplished to get this complete.  I wrote it while burrowed in the forest in Alaska in Ryan's plaid wool shirt.  Doesn't get better than that!

Here it is:

Part 1-

Chapter 1 - deciding to go
Chapter 2 - travel to the Philippines
Chapter 3 - Walter joins and we arrive in Cebu
Chapter 4 - assembling care packages
Chapter 5 - Preston and a miracle
Chapter 6 - meeting the ZEDRU team
Chapter 7 - the decision to go to Leyte
Chapter 8 - grabbing hold of God

Part 2-

Chapter 9 - reaching the destroyed island of Leyte
Chapter 10 - the day of our medical mission
Chapter 11 - the day of body retrieval 
Chapter 12 - the day of travel to Tacloban
Chapter 13 - the final stop and the day we leave Leyte
Chapter 14 - a day of relief and prepping
Chapter 15 - the day of our last medical mission
Chapter 16 - a week and half of backpacking the islands  (almost complete!)

Here is also an article I wrote last year for about our trip.

It is a lot to read, and these are still up for massive editing.  But this is something I will surely cherish when sharing with my children.  Nothing makes me more happy than writing about and reliving my travels!

Upward and onward,

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